Zurich Openair you got me!

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Hello dear readers!

University has started again and while I was really looking forward to seeing all my friends again and also to attending the lessons (…we’ll see how long the motivation will last, but I have good hope for now), it also means less time for the blog as blogging while attending a lesson is not such a good idea;) But we’ll try to do our best as it is just so much fun to shoot the photos and spend time together working on the posts.

But now to what I actually really want to write: as you can see on the pics I attended the Zurich Openair which took place two weeks ago. I thanked God soooo much for bewaring us from rain and cold weather and for offering us these fabulous days with nice weather instead (I have to confess: I only like openairs if the weather’s good :O). We actually planned to go only on Thursday to mainly watch Paolo Nuttini (…Girls out there: it doesn’t really matter if you like his music or not, he is just a TOO HOT LOOKING GUY to not wanna see him at least once in your lifetime 😉 ). While Sabine and Caroline left on friday for London, I stayed in Zurich without really big plans but knowing that the Openair was still going on. The weather was good and I was asked by a collegue from UTIL (check their clothes out!) why I didn’t come again? Yeah, why not?? Lucky me there were still tickets available  and even luckier me that Tanja and our dear friend Muriel also planned to go to the Openair on Saturday – no question that I had to join them! And this Saturday was kind of the perfect night that I’m surely gonna remember for quite a long time: good music, good food (I LOVED the burgers), the nicest and coolest people around, plus I met so many people I didn’t expected to see there, it was just great!

The outfit on the photos is the one I wore on Thursday: my shirt is actually a skirt – but this kind of skirt that makes you look like your momma never told you not to wear something veeeery short that is also veeeeeery tight (you got it, right?)… so I decided to wear it as a shirt instead and to combine it with my very old but very favourite shorts from Zara. As you can see I combined it with some boots. I actually have been loving them for quite a long time but never ever really wore them in the last few months as I came away from this Cowboy like look that was so fashionable last year… but who knows if after this weekend this love will hit me again 😉


Adios amigos, wish you a great day!


Photos by: Caroline + Sabine Neuhaus

Edit by: Tanja Etzensperger


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