White night

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Good morning everybody 🙂

Again an outfit post from Cyprus, but the light and the weather here just make it much easier to shoot some good photos than in Switzerland where it’s alsways rainy and cloudy – so we have to take this opportunity 🙂 !!

Tomorrow we will attend an islandtour where we have to get up pretty early to visit Limassol, Nikosia, the Troodos moutains and many other beautiful spots of the island. I have to be honest – I barely know anything about Cyprus even if we have been here so many times already. The last years I prefered lying on the beach instead of getting in a car and walking around in the cities while it was 39 degrees in the shadow (I guess you guys do understand me a little bit, don’t you?!). But this year something feels different for me – I really wanna know at least a little bit about the country where I’ve spent nearly all my summer holidays and I’m really looking forward to the trip tomorrow! Ok, to be honest it’s also because I know that we will go to a very traditional taverna for lunch, where we get the typical meze from Cyprus which includes halloumi, suflaki, tzatziki and much more… I can tell you more after tomorrow, but from what I’ve heard we won’t be disappointed 🙂

The pictures were taken when we attended the White Night here at Aldiana (another typical evening at a Clubhotel haha) – so no colors this time. My jeans are from Tally Weijl and I bought them 2 weeks ago on a Sunday when everything was closed except of the Shopville in Zurich – so why not taking a look at Tally Weijl? I know I shouldn’t start going shopping on Sundays – six days a week to spend my money on clothes and all those pretty things that the town offers are already enough to destroy all my saving plans I have (or should have…) in mind!

Thank you for reading and I wish you a good day 🙂Eugenies13Eugenies12DSC05524eugeniesEugenies6Eugenies3Eugenies8Photos by: Caroline Neuhaus

Edit by: Tanja Etzensperger


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