White look in Ascona

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Hello everybody 🙂

I hope you enjoyed some lovely and relaxing easter days with great people, great weather and hopefully great (chocolate) bunnies :). I had the best days in Ascona, which is in the south of Switzerland – even if the weather wasn’t that good on saturday I felt like spring is finally coming. Yesterday I sat on the terrace for 2 hours and this was enough to get a little sunburn haha – but honestly, I don’t care at all as this proofs that the sun was here for real ;). I’m gonna stay here for another few days, spending the days reading for university, blogging (of course) and eating good food.

As you can see, my outfit doesn’t include many different colours this time – I don’t know, but this warmer weather felt like the perfect occassion to go for a white look… It might be a little bit boring, but on the other side I think it makes your look classy and elegant what I like 🙂

Wish you a great day 🙂

P_Eugenies_Forever21_Ascona_1.1 P_Eugenies_Forever21_Ascona_2.2 P_Eugenies_Forever21_Ascona_3.1 P_Eugenies_Forever21_Ascona_4.1 P_Eugenies_Forever21_Ascona_5.1 P_Eugenies_Forever21_Ascona_6.1 P_Eugenies_Forever21_Ascona_7.1 P_Eugenies_Forever21_Ascona_8.1 P_Eugenies_Forever21_Ascona_10.1Photos by: Franziska Neuhaus

Edit by: Tanja Etzensperger


  • Shirt: Zara (Similar one with long sleves Here)
  • Jeans: Forever 21 (Similar Here)
  • Shoes: Venice (Similar Here)

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