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Hello everyone 🙂
I had the pleasure to go to London for 2 days this week. I’ve been there before (you can read about my last trip here) and fell in love with this city immediately, so I couldn’t wait to go for a second time. This time around the same thing happend: as soon as I was there I was happy (..and very, very cold! ;)). I feel free when I’m there, as I love being one among thousends and thousends of people. I feel independant, as I don’t know anyone or anything there. And I feel strong, as there is so much energy aroud. Sometimes I also feel lost because of the same reasons I’ve just mentioned. But mainly I just feel very happy when being there. Another thing that makes me happy while being in London are all the beauty products there. By reading beauty blogs and watching a horrendous amount of youtube videos all the time I always have a long list of things in my mind I absolutely want to try but that we can’t get in Switzerland or that are crazily expensive here. So whenever I go somewhere they are available, it feels like heaven to me :). So here are some of the things I got this time.

  • The first thing I wanted to try out for a long long time is the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Cleanser. I’ve heard great things about it from several people and so I, being someone that can get REALLY excited about a face cleanser, absolutely had to get it. It claims to be a rich, concentrated cream that gently removes daily grime and make-up, even stubborn mascara and to leave the skin clear, smooth and exceptionally clean. After applying it onto dry skin, you can use a muslin cloth to polish it off so you’ll get a very gentle exfoliating effect as well. After using it for the last 5 days morning and evening I can already say that it does exactely what it claims to do. It doesn’t dry out my face, it gets my skin very clean and it even removes mascara very gently. In the end, it is a face cleanser, so don’t except any magic, but a really good one indeed.


  • The next two things I got are a toner from Pixi and a serum from Kiels. The toner is called Glow Tonic and is advertised as an exfoliating toner with Aloe Vera and Ginseng. The toner contains Glycolic Acid which is an ingredient that acts like an exfoliator and that will help to remove dead skin cells. It is alcool free which for my dry skin is nice. At the same time it is very highly fragranced, so keep that in mind if you are sensitive to smells. I paid 18 pounds at Liberty for this product which is quite much for a toner I think. But my skin feels nice after using it, so I have no complains until now :).
  • The serum is called Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate (what a name) and claims to plump the skin, smooth the appearence of fine lines and reduce the look of dull, tired-looking skin. The main ingredient is Glycerin which apperently acts like a moisture magnet. So how does it perform? It comes out of bottle as a white lightweight gel formula that changes into a liquid texture after diffusing it on the skin. When applying it I immediately noticed that my skin looked very even and smooth afterwards. The serum got absorbed very quickly, left no residue on the skin and my face just felt very..moisturized I guess. It’s a great serum to use in the morning as it performs perfectly in combination with moisturizer, foundation or whatever you wanna put on afterwards.


  • The last thing I wanted to show you is the star of today’s show :). It’s Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion which is advertised to be an effective acne spot treatment. It looks slightly bizarre as there’s a pink powdery layer on the ground of the tiny bottle and a clear, more watery one on the top. You’re not supposed to shake it up, but to leave the two seperated. You’ll then put a cotton swab into the pink sediment and apply it onto the concerned area. As the name sais it drys very quickly afterwards. The product contains several ingredients that dry out blemishes, one of them being Salicilic Acid. At the same time it promises to not irritate or dry out the skin. After using it several times now I have to say, I’m LOVING it. It has performed amazingly on little blemishes so far not only on my skin, but also on my friend that tried it as well. I have been using every spot treatment in the whole entire world so far (..maybe not, but lots of them :)) and this one is my favourite. To be fair I have to say that I have pretty clear skin. So I’ve been using it on small blemishes, that actually all had disappreared the next morning, but I’m not sure how it would act on more severe ones.


Thanks for reading and a happy weekend everyone 🙂 Sabine

  • Hélène
    Februar 9, 2015

    I’m obsessed with that Liz Earle face cleanser! I’ve been using it for months and notice such a big difference with my skin. I also use their moisturizer, which is gentle and perfect.

    xx Hélène

    • Sabine Neuhaus
      Februar 9, 2015

      ..oh thank you for telling me – I’ve been thinking about ordering the moisturizer as well 🙂 xx Sabine

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