What my skin has been loving lately: Weleda Body Oils <3

Hello everybody 🙂

Welcome back to the unofficial What my very dry skin has been loving lately serie :). I wanted to share with you a new absolute favourite of mine: The Weleda Body Oils. They are available in a variety of different scents (pomegranate, wild rose, lavender, birch, citrus, …) and they all contain carefully selected plant, nut and seed oils and are enriched with plant extracts to nourish and restore your skin’s protective barrier (as the website says). I have been using two of them for the past few weeks and I’m LOVING them. My skin’s very dry not only on my face but also on my body. And so a lot of bodylotions do absolutely nothing for me. I’ve even had some very dry patches, especially on my legs, that just wouldn’t go away for months. But these little guys are doing wonders. I apply the oil onto damp skin, as soon as I’m getting out of the shower in the morning and sometimes in the evening onto dry skin when it has been feeling dry in some areas. They absorb within a few seconds and leave the skin wonderfully moisturized without leaving it oily (as you may fear when putting an oil onto your body). The scent is very discreet and once your skin has absorbed the product, I personally don’t smell it anymore.
Last important remark: My skin is very sensitive so normally I’m hesitent to use oils as they tend to break me out. These ones don’t!

So if you have dry to very dry skin (or even if you don’t) and if you feel like „normal“ bodylotions just don’t do enough for you, I’d highly suggest trying out one of these oils. They have been doing wonders for my skin :).

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

xx Sabine


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