Way back home

Heyhey 🙂

now it’s time to say goodbye to this beautiful island. Spent some super nice 10 days here and feel very relaxed. I always wonder how other people feel about going home after a holiday abroad? Not sure if it’s the same for everyone, but I realize that the more I like my life at home, the less I struggle with saying goodbye to places like Cyprus. Guess that’s a good sign… I remember my feelings a couple of years ago: each time I realized that my holidays are coming to an end I felt a bit depressed. It seems like there were many things at home I coudn’t really handle – I felt stressed about Uni, about being everywhere at everytime with everyone, about working out enough, about our family situation and so on and on… and so being away from home allowed me to shut my eyes from these things I guess.

During the years many things changed and so did my feelings towards my everyday life, what means that going back to lovely Switzerland doesn’t sound soo bad now;) As our home in Ascona is under construction and not inhabitable at the moment I’m thinking about going to the mountains the next few days and maybe go for a little hike or something like that. Love being at Lenzerheide when barely anyone else is there, it’s so peaceful 🙂

XX Patricia

GetFileAttachment-2 GetFileAttachment-3 GetFileAttachment-11 GetFileAttachment-12Pictures by: Sabine Neuhaus


  • Shirt/Shorts/Shoes: Zara
  • Necklace: Fossil
  • Bag: MiuMiu
  • Sunnies: MiuMiu

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