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Hello everyone 🙂

Even if I can’t wait for winter to come (who doesn’t love white landscapes, raclette, huge knit pullovers and the Määrlitram cruising around Zurich?) we had to take advantage of the sunny weather yesterday by taking some pictures on our roof terrace. When I started clearing out my clothes, jewellery and other random things last week because I’m gonna move to a new flat soon (it’s impressive or, let’s be honest, alarming how many things you accumulate in your drawers over time), I got very inspired to wear some of my jewellery pieces that I rarely ever wear. So I packed up two little bags full of sparkling wonderfulness and we climbed up to our roof terrace. Like I’ve mentioned before I was called the walking christmas tree when I was younger, because whenever I couldn’t decide what jewellery to wear for the day I just wore it all. So I usually ended up with 5 necklaces, lots and lots of bracelets stacked on both arms and serveral rings on each hand. There’s nothing wrong with that, I still love a lot of jewellery but nowadays when I wear pieces that are pretty eye-catching on their own, I like to tone down the rest a little bit. So to cut a long story short: I chose two bracelets, earrings and a ring that I got from a jewellery stand at Jelmoli called Pompidou. If you are ever in need of a present for your mama, sister, girlfriend, goddaughter – you got it, for every female human being – than Pompidou is the perfect place to get beautiful, affordable jewellery for every age. I also wore a sparkly necklace which I got from TheCurrentCustom.com, another proven place for beautiful things. All the pieces are pretty colourful which I like the best paired with a simple black and white outfit to, you guess it, not resembling a christmas tree. The only other part I jazzed up a little bit where the shoes. As you could already see in my last post I looove a little leo print from time to time.

Next weekend I’ll continue digging in my drawers where I’ll hopefully not only find 20 more old hairsprays and 50 notebooks (honestly, why do I always get several folders and notebooks whenever a new semester starts if I already have enough for the next 5 years?! Not that I plan to study another 5 years, but you never know..) and other things I don’t need anymore, but some more pretty pieces that I can show you next time 🙂

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

DSC06697_eugeniesDSC06702_eugeniesDSC06728DSC06743_eugeniesDSC06716_eugeniesDSC06766DSC06772DSC06779_eugeniesPhotos by: Patricia Neuhaus

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