U-Juice + Letten + Gym = Chill day Number 2

Today was another chill day.  I went to U- Juice,  which openend recently and actually planned to grab a smoothie but when I realized that I forgot my morning coffee I changed my mind and only went for a cup of coffee haha. After that I cycled to my massage appointment and it was such a peaceful morning, so I couldn’t resist taking some pictures:)) In the afternoon I headed back to U-Juice and  finally tried one of their juices. I met Nina Ardizzone, the owner of U-Juice  and  learned a little bit about her and how the Juice Bar came into being . I guess you agree on me that it’s quite impressive a 24 year old woman opening her own store! I had the Juice called Spirulina Power which is made out of appel, spinach, spirulina… (for the ones who are still a bit sceptical about green juices – there are also the „non-greens“;) ). What the name of the store doesn’t reveal is the fact, that they sell sandwiches, salads, vegan desserts and much more – and if you are like „What should I do there, I love meat?!“: You won’t go short and if I tell you that Nina gets her products from Aura you know you will get something good 😉 I ended my day with a gym session,  so now I have to finish my packing for Barcelona – hope you are having a good evening:)

XX Patricia


Eugenies_Patricia_U-Juice_Letten_Dior_3 Eugenies_Patricia_U-Juice_Letten_Dior_4 Eugenies_Patricia_U-Juice_Letten_Dior_5 Eugenies_Patricia_U-Juice_Letten_Dior_6 Eugenies_Patricia_U-Juice_Letten_Dior_8 Eugenies_Patricia_U-Juice_Letten_Dior_9 Eugenies_Patricia_U-Juice_Letten_Dior_10 Eugenies_Patricia_U-Juice_Letten_Dior_1


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