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Hey everybody 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend? Mine was pretty lazy, which was exactly the right thing after a week without a single evening at home (don’t wanna complain – it was great!). I needed to finally fix my paper which I have to write for university, so I spent my saturday morning at the library. Time went by so fast and before I really realized it, it was time to pack my things as I met for lunch with a good friend of mine 🙂 Love when I’m working on something and the time goes by fast, as for me that means that I was concentrated haha 😀 Lunch on saturday was again at Tibits – I’m just obsessed with it :). So speaking about Tibits – last thursday two lovely friends of mine asked out for dinner at their house. So we were a groupe of 15 people and the two of them really made a fantastic menu – we got the best filled chicken (with pesto, cheese and dried tomatos), champagne risotto, potato gratin, great wine and many other absolutely fabulous things. These two ladies really rocked it haha! So for that occassion some of us made a dessert and I brought a tiramisu: a „classic“ one and another for which I got the recipe from the Tibits website:  A kokos-pinaepple Tiramisu! I changed the recipe a little bit and used mashed mango instead of pineapple 🙂 So if you are ever looking for something special to cook, go and have a look at the Tibits website (if you think that’s a sponsored post – it’s not!!!). Later that saturday I met Tanja to take some photos – we were both pretty happy how they turned out and we managed to be done with it exactly the minute it began to rain. To finish this saturday we headed to George Grill & Bar (ATTENTION: mute your laptop before you click on the link!!)  to have dinner! This restaurant, located above the Zurich Casino offers a great view over Zurich, beautiful live piano music is played and the food is absolutely great – love it 🙂

Some words to my outfit: I’m wearing Topshop Jeans which I bought on my last London trip – I never thought that these jeans will become some of my favourites, but I wear them all the time. Same thing with the shoes – they were on sale and pretty cheap so after standing in the shop for about half an hour I finally decided to buy them (not sure if I’ll wear them pretty often..) and now they are my all time favourites.

Have a great week and thank you for reading 🙂

P_Eugenies_Topshop_20.3.2015 P_Eugenies_Topshop_20.3.2015_11 P_Eugenies_Topshop_20.3.2015_9 P_Eugenies_Topshop_20.3.2015_8 P_Eugenies_Topshop_20.3.2015_6 P_Eugenies_Topshop_20.3.2015_5 P_Eugenies_Topshop_20.3.2015_3 P_Eugenies_Topshop_20.3.2015_2 P_Eugenies_Topshop_20.3.205_4 P_Eugenie_Topshop_20.3.205_10Photos and edit by: Tanja Etzensperger


  • Jeans: Topshop
  • Jacket: Zara (old, but I love this one too)
  • Shirt: Zara (old)
  • Shoes: Musse and Cloud (similar in shape)
  • Jewellery: made by my sister Franziska


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  • jasmine
    März 23, 2015

    love that boots!

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