Today’s favourite: Sanikai – Ethical Vegan Clothing

Hello friends 🙂

A few weeks ago I visited the Sanikai store in Zurich on its opening day. Sanikai is a vegan and ecologically friendly clothing brand and store fouded and owned by Sanaz Akaouf and Kay Wasser. I was impressed and wanted to share their concept with you.

Who/What is Sanikai?

Sanaz Akaouf and Kay Wasser are the owners of Sanikai. Sanaz studied fashion design, completed her studies in 2014 and the clothing line Sanikai resulted as her final year project. It consists of beautiful light, flowy and colourful items for women and men (if I was a men I’d LOVE their button-down shirts which I think are especially gorgeous :)). The materials used for the clothes, buttons and threads are all vegan and ecologically friendly like organic cotton, swiss organic cotton, organic linen, hemp, recycled polyester, coconut shell, wood, etc. Every single step of the production is made in Switzerland, so they can make sure that their employees work under fair conditions. Next to the clothing line, Sanikai is also the name of their gorgeous little store in the middle of Zurich that they opened last month.

What will you find?

Next to their own clothing line you can also get other brands at the store like vegan nailpolishes by Willow Byron Bay, socks by Minga Berlin, tooth brushes by Eco Bamboo, handmade clutches by SEP Jordan, furniture pieces by 26 rosegarden and gorgeous jewellery by KSKYE The Label (that you can see in action here), which are all brands that go well with Sanikai’s concept and philosophy. From the end of july they’ll also offer vegan shoes in their store – I’m already curious :).

So, conclusion: you don’t need to be vegan to love the things you’ll find at Sanikai! If you like colourful clothes, beautiful handmade jewellery, furniture pieces and accessories and things that you know have been produced under good conditions, I highly recommend having a look :).

–> which leads us to Where:

Sanikai – Ethical Vegan Clothing
Klingenstrasse 21
8005 Zurich

phone: +41 76 455 53 86

opening hours:
Tue. – Fr. 11am to 7pm
Saturday 10am to 4pm



eugenies_sanikai_1 eugenies_sanikai_4 eugenies_sanikai_2eugenies_sanikai_5eugenies_sanikai_3

Photos by: René Wenaweser (danke schön! :))


Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

xx Sabine

  • Cheryl
    Juni 20, 2015

    Hey girls, the shop looks great!
    I’ve tagged you to do the real neat blog award. If you feel like doing it, please visit my blog, I’d love to read your answers.
    Hope to see you again soon!

    xx Cheryl


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