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Helloo everyone 🙂

Today I’d like to write a quick review about the BIG shampoo by Lush that I bought recently. Due to the heatwave that Switzerland has been punished or blessed with lately (depending on who you’re talking to) and because I worked out nearly every day, my hair has been getting greasy quite quickly after washing it (let’s say immediately after :/). Because the ends of my hair are very dry (as you see, I hit the checkpot there – greasy roots, dry ends) I don’t want to wash it as often anymore. SO conclusion of the story: I needed a shampoo that claims to deep clean the hair, so when I wash it every few days, it will get it REALLY clean (which sometimes other shampoos don’t).


Some facts about this jewel:

– consists of 50% seasalt (yes, my dry ends panicked there for a second!), citrus fruit extract, cocos oil, etc.

– claims to smell like a margarita, combined with vanilla and bitter orange (not sure about the margarita part, but it does smell good)

– should give your hair volume and bounce, degrease your roots (yess!), get it squeaky clean and leave it soft, nourished and shiny

– 100% natural

– price in Switzerland: 27.50 CHF (you get a huge pot which you won’t use up for a very long time)


What it claims to do and what it actually does:

– give your hair volume and bounce –> When I do the hairflip, I can definitely see the bounce ;)!

– degrease the roots –> IT DOES! No greasy feeling for more than 24 hours, which is impressing in my case!

– give your hair that squeaky clean feeling –> absolutely! (some of you might not like this leaves it quite dry at the same time)

– leave it soft and nourished –> very soft, but also dry and frizzy (I absolutely had to add a good conditioner afterwards and it was still a bit dry)

– give an incredible shine –> hmm..not so much in my case.



You’ll like it if: Let’s say you go on hikes regularely, where you won’t have a shower to wash your hair for a few days, let’s say you go to an openair where you most definitely won’t wash your hair either, let’s say you work out quite often but sometimes you are just too lazy to wash your hair every time (might be gross..but I am sometimes!), let’s say your hair gets greasy quite quickly and you need a shampoo that deep cleans it from time to time – then this shampoo is PERFECT for these occasions!

You won’t like it if: If you are looking for an everyday shampoo, if your hair is dry overall, if you don’t have any problems to only wash your hair every two to three days, if your hair is frizzy by nature and prone to break – then I wouldn’t recommend this shampoo, it might be too drying, too deep cleaning, just too much for your hair.


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

xx Sabine



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