The Masterplan

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Hello everybody

I’m at university at the moment where some strong men put up a huuuge christmas tree yesterday. Every year when they’re doing it I’m thinking „How the hell did this year go by so fast?!“ And everytime, as clichée-ridden it may sound, I then start thinking about the past year. What did I learn, what did I experience that I woulnd’t want to miss? And what is on my to do list for the next year? And this morning, without getting too personal here, I got kind of scared thinking about it. I’m 26 years old and I still don’t know exactly what I want to do with my life. And even if I believe that A will lead to B and then B will allow to open the door to C and so on ( get it? ;)), I sometimes wish to have a masterplan. It scares me that I’ll finish my studies next year without knowing what I want to do then. Of course, to my friends, to my sisters, to everyone in the same situation I’d say „But think about how many possibilities you have, how free you are to choose whatever you want..see it as a chance!“ But when it comes to my own life I sometimes see things differentely. We all do I think. So maybe I should just stop thinking about it constantly and stop waiting for the Aha moment that will enlighten myself. Maybe I should try to go with whatever I’m interested in, with whatever makes me happy and then A will lead to B and B will lead to C. Maybe this should be my personal masterplan. And then, I hope, this will lead me to whatever is right for me.

So the fact that There’s four and twenty million doors on life’s endless corridor (I cheekely quote Noel Gallagher here) shouldn’t only be seen as overwhelming (even if it sometimes is), but as a chance and a freedom. And I hope that next year, when I see the guys putting up the christmas tree I’ll be less scared and more excited.

By the way, some words to my outfit: I’m NOT wearing a curtain, this is an actual shirt which I choose when I want to wear a t-shirt but look a little bit more but together at the same time. On my feet I’m wearing my alltime favourite trainers, white Vans (which unfortunately are impossible to keep this white in real life) and last but not least, suprise surprise, a black blazer.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 🙂


DSC_4883DSC_4875DSC_4880Photots taken and edited by Tanja Etzensperger


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