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Hello everybody

Another sunday, a totally different state of mind then last time: the day we were taking the pictures below was a beautiful and sunny, (I meant to write warm, but that would be a total lie) sunday. The city was rather crowded (last minute christmas gift madness!) which set me in an even better mood. I was very happy that there was something special going on because normally I don’t like sunday at all! I don’t know what it is about this day but whenever I feel really sad or alone and depressed without any obvious reason it will surely be on a sunday. I remember when I was living in Paris I was walking around the city all by myself on a sunday (I can’t help but think about the amazing Bridget Jones whenever I use the words all by myself ;)). I went to the Pont des Arts, a beautiful little bridge, and sat down on a bench next to an old man who was holding a bottle of wine. We started talking and after a while he said „You know, I normally don’t mind being all alone. I got used to it. But every sunday it hits me. I get sad about the things that during the week I’m totally fine with.“ And I got him. Because sometimes I feel exactly the same. And so now, whenever I’m sad on a sunday, I’m thinking about the old man in Paris :).

On the photos I’m wearing another one of my beloved coats (yes, next to the blazer obsession I have a slight problem with coats as well). This one I like a lot because it’s animal printed but in a very muted way. So it’s perfect for the days you don’t want to wear colours but don’t feel like dressing too dark neither. I got it at Sandro and it was rather pricey but if you’re looking for a cheaper option, here you go. Another pretty new item that I wore is my Hamsa necklace from Pompidou. I buy a lot of my jewellery there because the pieces are not too pricey but really good quality at the same time. And by the way, it’s a really good place to find presents for any girl in your life. Speaking of presents, I wish you a wonderful christmas with lots of good food, wine, prosecco, chocolate, Brunsli and so on :).

Thank you for reading and have a nice evening! Sabine

DSC07463 DSC07462 DSC07448 DSC07435 DSC07412 DSC07410  Photos by Patricia Neuhaus


  • Maëlle
    Dezember 25, 2014

    Sehr schön gschribe, wie immer! Das mit em Sunntig hani mengisch au… und vor allem Danke für de Input mit em Lied vo Bridgt Jones‘ Diary! Jetzt bini das Lied grad so gfühlte 100ste Mal am lose, wunderschön <3

    • Sabine Neuhaus
      Dezember 28, 2014

      Oh danke schön, das freut mi sehr 🙂 ich luege jetzt denn grad de film (zum gfühlte 20te mal de winter) und freu mi am meiste uf die szene, sofern mer ällei dihei isch (oder halt eifach sehr muetig) gits nüüt bessers als denn so riiiichtig luut mitzsinge 😀 en (hoffentlich ;)) schöne sunntig!

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