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Hello Hello 🙂

we are back in not so hot and sunny Switzerland! But as you can see, these pics are from earlier days as it wouldn’t be such a good idea to walk around here with only a light blouse (Ok, the outfit was also a bad choice for the 35 degrees weather in Cyprus: the skirt looks pretty light and perfect for a hot summer day but I can tell you now – that’s the wrong impression!). The photos were taken when we attended the Island tour which I already mentioned before. I really enjoyed the trip as it was the perfect mix between driving around in the bus and doing some sightseeing in the towns and the mountains – maybe I’m kind of lazy but I really don’t like these trips where you have to stress around to see as much as possible and where you get your lunch as a picnic so you don’t lose any time by visiting a restaurant. So lucky me that we stopped for lunch at the Taverna where we got huge amounts of food – and a huge amount in Cyprus mean definitlely much more than what we call a huge amount in Switzerland (and there were still some people who worried that they wouldn’t get enough food… funny people haha!).

The reason why I wore a long skirt instead of some little, nice shorts – we visited a church and were told to wear something long: finally I was like the only one who did so and I’m surely gonna remember this next time! The blouse and the skirt are both from Zara and I liked the combination of these two pieces because they both have an elegant and light (or at least they look light) texture which in my opinion fit well together. The shoes are from Pieces and I chose them because we also walked around, so some higheels would’t be the best choice, even if they would match pretty well (I would say they match the skirt better than my Pieces shoes but this time comfort was much more important than wearing the perfect shoes!) with this skirt.

Now I’m again at the airport, leaving for Punta Cana to work again a little bit on my tan;)

Thank you for reading and I wish you a good day 🙂

Eugenies6_1200Eugenies7_1200.jpgDSC06000eugeniesEugenies5_1200DSC06012eugeniesEugenies8_1200Eugenies10_1200DSC06021eugeniesEugenies11_1200DSC06066eugeniesPhotos by: Patricia + Franziska Neuhaus

Edit by: Tanja Etzensperger + Patricia Neuhaus


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