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Hello everyone

The day we shot the following pictures was a grey, cold and yucky sunday. So when picking up my outfit I was trying to find a way to brighten up my day – even if it was just by adding a bit of colour to my appearance. On most days I feel like wearing black, grey and white, but when my mood is kind of cheerless I sometimes need a colourful piece of clothing. This coat that I got from Zara a few years ago is always a good choice in those situations. If you’re looking for a similar one that will cheer you up on a cloudy day as well, check out Topshop, Asos and other online stores and you’ll find lots of options. When I woke up today (it’s grey and cold outside yet again), I was thinking about the things I would love to do on a day like this. What could I do to instantly feel better? So I made a little list in my mind and was surprised to see that it’s not big things like going on holiday, meeting Prince Charming (..I wouldn’t mind if I did so neither ;)), winning the lottery etc that I wished for in that moment. I wished to be able to stay in bed until 9 o’clock, to take a warm, bubbly bath, to then go to my favourite coffee shop to drink a fresh mint tea while reading the newspaper, later I’d go to my favourite store at the moment, where looking at all the amazing furniture and jewellery will instantly make you happy (for all of you that live in Zurich, I’m talking about HERZLICH, Seefeldstrasse 12, 8008 Zurich). In the evening, after doing some kind of sports, I’d meet my friends at the restaurant where I work, we would eat the yummie things we sell there and drink some wine and that, to me, sounds like the perfect day at the moment. So I cross my fingers that I’ll have one of these very soon and wish you, even if it might be grey and cold where you are as well, a very nice day 🙂

Thank you for reading, Sabine




Photos by Patricia Neuhaus

My outfit


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