Swissness Part IV – Blackbeardbag and Gassmann Coat

Hello lovely readers 🙂

how was your weekend so far? I spent the morning at home and did some reading for university. Much of my reading is about international law and it makes me think a lot of everything that is going on at the moment in the world: I feel so sorry for all these people who are suffering that much, who loose family and friends for no reason and who were born in a state where the have no protection but from where they are forced to flee. Sometimes it makes me angry when I read all the promisses that the states give each others in some resolutions or conventions, which sound so good in theory but gain no attention by some of the states when it comes to reality!

Could write much more about this topic and don’t really now what else I should write as my thoughts are a bit absorbed right now… but as this side is called a fashion blog, let’s turn to the „fashion topic“:

I’m happy to finally show you these pictures. We shot them together with Luca a couple of weeks ago. The coat I wear on the pictures is from Gassmann, a store in the centre of Zurich with stunning, qualitative pieces for women and men of all ages. Guess if I won a lottery I would buy the whole store :O. I chose to style the coat with jeans, a simple blouse and the lovely little blackbeard bag, so that the whole look doesn’t seem too though and „ladylike“ :).

This evening my mum is giving a little concert at our home. As I love baking but she already has 4 cakes for this evening, I decided to make some chocolate praliné covered in nuts. They were extremely easy to make and turned out very delicious. So if you want to have the recipe, get it HERE.

Have a nice sunday afternoon and thank you for reading 🙂

XX Patricia

Eugenies_Blackbeard_Gassmann_Patricia_2 Eugenies_Blackbeard_Gassmann_Patricia_3 Eugenies_Blackbeard_Gassmann_Patricia_4 Eugenies_Blackbeard_Gassmann_Patricia_5 Eugenies_Blackbeard_Patricia

Pictures and edit by: Luca Greco


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