Swissness Part I – Blackbeard bag, Vintagenow jewellery and Navyboot shoes

Hello Lovely readers 🙂

I don’t know how I always manage to be in a hurry (even if it’s 7:30) but it’s again the case… But if I planed to publish a post at a certain time I wanna have it done otherwise I feel kind of stressed; so that’s mean my bachelor thesis have to wait another 30 minutes, now it’s blogging time 😉

A few months ago we came up with this idea to include some swiss brands in our post whenever we feel that it fits and whenever we see beautiful clothing pieces made in Switzerland. When you start to focus a little on it, you realize how many cool and stylish brands we have in our little beautiful country. While some of them are already well known, others wait to be discovered 🙂 However, I love to mix it all together: Pieces from huge international brands with others made right in our neighbourghood; expensive bags (ok, I’m a little bit addicted haha) with affordable Zara jeans or my beloved Pieces shoes for no more than 30 Fr… I guess there are no rules, at the end the only thing that counts is that you feel comfortable with what you wear. The only thing that I always care about is that quality and price match – there is nothing worse as if you spent a fortune on something and it breaks down 2 weeks after… that sucks, doesn’t it? Talking about quality leads me to the pieces I’m wearing on the pictures: I mixed one of my favourite pair of shoes which I bought when they were on sale. They are from Navyboot and I love how comfy they are and yet gives all your outfits an elegant touch. I thought I gonna mix them with my bag from Blackbeard – even if it’s very small you have enough space to carry all your essential items with you, what I appreciate (I hate too little bag with no space for anything… I mean, that’s not the purpose of a bag, right?! And if you need even more space, check out Sabine’s latest post). And not to forget: my jewellery from Vintagenow – I looooove them! They are made by a very lovely lady called Monika who mixes new and old jewellery pieces together (that’s where the name comes from…) and I can’t get enough of them 😀 Ok, I think I gonna stop to describe my whole outfit here and tell stories about every single piece:) I hope you like the pictures and thank you so much for reading 🙂

XX Patricia

Eugenies_Blackbeardbags_Navyboot_7 Eugenies_Blackbeardbags_Navyboot_6 Eugenies_Blackbeardbags_Navyboot_5 Eugenies_Blackbeardbags_Navyboot_3 Eugenies_Blackbeardbags_Navyboot_2 Eugenies_Blackbeardbags_Navyboot_1Photos by: Sabine Neuhaus


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  • Nina
    September 11, 2015

    I love your outfits, its my style. Thanks for your share. Beautiful girl

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