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Good morning everyone

In today’s post I wanted to adress something  that I thought about a lot recently. Sometimes, when I go through my instagram feed and look at all these gorgeous girls with their perfect looking clothes, skin, hair, food, families, boyfriends, houses, dogs (yes, even dogs can be perfect! ;)), basically perfect everything,  I catch myself feeling „less“. I know that you don’t see reality on these platforms. And for that I don’t actively think „I wanna look like her, be like her“ or whatever. I really don’t. But when I look at these pictures, whilst I’m maybe eating a huge pizza at the same time, whilst I didn’t work out in a while, whilst I’m maybe not feeling and looking my greatest, whilst I’m just being me basically, I can’t help but compare. Compare my body, compare my face, compare my fitness routine, compare my life, compare EVERYTHING.

When my sister and I went to take these pictures you see below last week, I felt great. It was a good day, I was happy. A little bit later, when I saw the photos we took on that day for the first time, I was devastated. I’d just been scrolling through the instagram pages of some scandinavian girls that are all absolutely gorgeous. And I couldn’t help but feel „less“. My point is: this whole socialmedia thing, as fun as it can be and as much as we are all part of it, is not healthy sometimes and should be taken with a pinch of salt. It can be an inspiration, an amusement, a automatic thing to do whilst waiting for the bus to come – but in this case it turned something that was a great day into me being really unhappy about myself because of the way I look. And that’s wrong. So because today I feel good, I’ll leave instagram etc alone and enjoy the day. Which I hope you do as well. 🙂

Btw: On the photos, I’m wearing my favourite thing for winter: a huuuge sweater. I pair them with tights, leggins, skinny jeans, sneakers, boots – they go with absolutely everything. I’ve listed the one I’m wearing down below if you’re interested.

Thank you for reading

xx Sabine



Pictures by Patricia Neuhaus


My outfit:

Sweather: Monki (this one)

Coat: Zara (this one)

Sneakers: Adidas Stan Smith

Necklace: Vintagenow

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