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Hello lovely readers 🙂

Hope you all had a great week so far! I had so much fun the last few days when my sister and my friend Daphne came to London:) I also found a new sport that I like thanks to Daphne who wanted to attend a Spycle class. It’s similar to spinning (what I normally HATE) but the atmosphere is completely different: you actually feel more like you are in a dance club and you nearly forget how exertive it is (… NEARLY, not completely 🙁 ) You really have to push yourself but the feeling after it is great 🙂

The pictures below are from the day when Daphne and I had lunch at Sushisamba: I felt like I’m in paradise – the food was just too good and the view of course breathtaking! Can recommend it to everybody who will visit London but you have to book your table in advance (let’s say 4 weeks before :S ) except you are keen on getting a table at 23:00 for dinner…

Have a great evening 🙂

eugenies_london_sushisamba_23.7_2 eugenies_london_sushisamba_23.7_4 eugenies_london_sushisamba_23.7_5 eugenies_london_sushisamba_23.7_6 eugenies_london_sushisamba_23.7_7Pictures by: Daphne


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