Summer review outfit Part II

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Hey everybody 🙂

Hope you are all doing well!

So I’m kind of a bit busy as I have to pack my luggage and drive to Lenzerheide later this day! And as I know myself, this whole packing thing will take some time as I always take way too much with me, even if I only go on holiday for a few days… Don’t know why, but it seems like I will never be able to travel with one little suitcase, so if any of you can give me some advice how to manage this, please tell me! 😀 The last days were something between busy but also with some relaxing, absolutely great moments – I finally was able to go and try the restaurant Volkshaus in Zurich (what a shame that I’ve never been there before as I just live 5 minutes away from there…) with a lovely friend and it was just such a cozy evening! In my opinion, it’s the perfect place to have a date with one of your good friends, as you can talk for hours without having the feeling that the people around you are too close and can hear everything. But I would only recommend it if you like meat! The other day – to kick off one of our learning days, me and a friend went to Tibits for breakfast (so as you probably all know, this one I only recommend if you DON’T want meat haha…) and it was so good – did you see the picture on our instagram account (@eugeniesblog)? It was even better than it looks on the picture 😉 So after such a breakfast, I really felt energized and motivated to work on my paper – I’m still amazed sometimes about the effect a good and healthy meal can have on your energy level!

Wish you all a great evening 🙂

DSC04704eugenies2000 DSC04727eugenies2000 DSC04728eugenies2000 DSC04731eugenies2000 DSC04744eugenies2000 DSC04751eugenies2000Photos by: Caroline Neuhaus

Edit by: Tanja Etzensperger


  • Shoes: Mango
  • Jewellery: almog

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