Summer in Scotland | Part II


So the journey through Scotland continues. (Read part I here, if you haven’t already read it). After arriving at Isle of Lewis we drove on to the Isle of Harris and stayed at the beach Huisinis near Tarbert. The beach is absolutely stunning: white sand and turquoise water like in the South Seas. Unfortunately it was too cold to take a swim. But still, its awesome to wake up, look out your window and seeing this beatiful beach. I could wake up like this every day! Not in a car though.


We went to another beach the other day, Scarista Beach. The Isle of Harris sure has a lot of nice beaches. Sadly we had to leave that day, but our next stop was as beautiful as Harris. The ferry brought us to Uig on Skye where we stayed at a camping site for the night. The next morning we drove down to Carbost to take a tour around the Talisker Distillery. Afterwards we were really hungry so we stopped at The Old Inn and had a delicious late lunch. For starter vegetablesticks and grilled Camembert as a dip burgers and fries for main dish. A W E S O M E.

After this we drove a bit aimless to Elgol and enjoyed the nice view, before we headed back to a place called Camas Malag at Loch Slapin to spent our last night in our Spaceship. I was so happy, because I’ve seen so much of the mainfold scenery of Scotland. I was also a bit sad, because our trip was over soon. But still, I had three days exploring Edinburgh ahead of me!


So the last day traveling with Space Ranger had come. We had a five hours drive ahead of us and we were really tired because we had been driving the whole week. When we finally arrived in Edinburgh in the evening, we checked in in our hotel and immediately went to a the Royal Mile Tavern for dinner and beer. 😉

In Edinburgh we also did some serious tourist stuff, like visiting the Royal Yacht Britannia and the Edinburgh Castle. The Castle offered us a nice view over the city with its historic buildings. I also did a bit of shopping, of course, but I did not buy much. I absolutely wanted to buy some celtic jewellery and a tartan scarf. I found a nice jewellery store, called The Tappit Hen. It took me so long to decide on what jewellery I want do buy, because everything was so gorgeous. But I finally found the perfect bracelet and a nice necklace. I could also have bought some earrings, a ring and maybe another necklace, but yeah… money you know. ^^ I don’t really remember where I bought the scarf, must have been in some store at the Royal Mile. There you’ll find plenty. As I entered the shop I immediately was captivated by this beautiful wine red and forest green cashmere tartan scarf. We also went into this whisky store, called Royal Mile Whiskies. Even if you may not like whiskies, this place is awesome. . It’s like a little library, but instead of books the racks are stuffed with hundreds maybe thousands of different whiskies.

So our days in Edinburgh passed very fast. On our last evening we went to the best seafood restaurant in town, Ondine. I was a bit sceptical first, because I don’t like seafood, except squid and fishsticks (I guess the last one doesn’t really count as seafood). I had squid tempura for starter and a huuuuge steak for main dish (I bet it was about 400g). I really enjoyed it, the food was so delicious and the staff was really friendly. Although I am not a seafood person, I would definately come back to Ondine. By the way, we found so many nice restaurants these days like Vinyasa, an indian restaurant and Indaba, a tapas restaurant (try the peppers, soo good!). Of course we had some serious pizza cravings and Origano really satisfied our hunger.

Scotland was great, I really want to go back some time and explore the north and the south. I recommend it to anyone who seeks adventure, nice folk and amazing landscapes and who doesn’t mind the rain so much.

IMG_2507eugenies15IMG_2504eugenies16DSC_7179_eugenies14Photos and edit: Tanja Etzensperger

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  • Laura
    September 17, 2014

    Mhh almost makes me miss Scotland..Almost! 😉

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