Summer in Scotland | Part I

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Patricia and Sabine had been writing from and about sunny Cyprus the last days. So let me take you to Scotland, where I’d been spending my summer holidays toghether with my boyfriend. I absolutely fell in love with its beautiful scenery, its friendly people with their amazing accent, its celtic jewellery and of course its tasty beer and whisky. We were lucky because the wheather was fantastic, it hardly rained while in Switzerland it was raining all the time.


We flew to Edinburgh and drove up to Stirling where we stayed at a camping site for the first night. We were renting a Spaceship for one week to travel Scotland by ourselves. The Spaceship is like a regular family car, but with a bed in the back, a fridge, a water tank and some storage. It even had a gascooker and dishes. Not really a luxurious way of travelling but for me that didn’t matter. I loved this car whose name was by the way Spaceranger.


So on our first day we didn’t really do much than driving and grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping in other countries! I always found some cool new products I can’t find here in Switzerland. But takes you at least twice as long If you ever want to visit the UK, make sure to bring your passport along, otherwise you won’t get any alcohol in stores, because they do not accept swiss IDs. They are not that strict in pubs though. 😉

The second day, we drove through Glen Lyon. A very beautiful and green glen. It reminded me of the Shire, but I didn’t find any Hobbitholes. Generally Scotland looks a lot like Middle Earth, which I found quite amazing, since I am such a huge Lord of the Rings fan. 😛


For the night we stopped at Braes of Foss (which is like a carpark for hikers) at Tay Forest. As we arrived early in the evening we took a short hike up a hill which offered us an amazing view of the landscape and Loch Tummel.


On Sunday we headed to Pitlochry. Actually we wanted to visit the Blair Athol Destillery, but unfortunately it is closed on Sundays. Our route lead us through the Cairngorms National Park to Ballater, where we visited the Royal Lochnager Destillery instead. If in Ballater, visit Rocksalt & Snails, you’ll get some nice coffee and a variety of tasty meals.

The next day we circled Loch Ness. We felt like doing some touristy stuff, thus we visited the Urquhart Castle.


Later that day, we headed to Ullapool and stayed at a camping site at the seashore. The next morning we had breakfast at the Frigate Cafe: coffee and some yummy scones! (a regular one and a cheese scone, sooo good) After our stomachs had been filled we took the ferry to Stornoway at the Isle of Lewis. There we drove through awesome landscape (a lot of tiny lakes and hills/mountains) to the Calanais Stones.


Stay tuned, part II will follow soon!


Photos and edit: Tanja Etzensperger

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