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Hello lovely readers 🙂

How are you? I’m spending my sunday at home, making the flat ready for my family who is coming over for dinner. Our flat looked like a huge mess the last couple of weeks, but finally all the new furniture arrived. That’s a perfect opportunity to invite all of them:) But when you don’t normally cook that often, you realize how much preparation is needed, even for a very simple dish, like in our case, chicken, rice, veggies and salad haha.

This beautiful weather makes me think about a new place that opened just around the corner at Helvetiaplatz. I’m sure all the „Zürcher“ already know this place called Bank. It’s a café/restaurant/bar with a super beautiful outside area (people even sit there when it’s actually way to cold…). First I was a bit skeptical, because there was so much talking about this place in advanced, so I wasn’t sure if it’s gonna meet the expectations – but even if I’m not a food blogger nor be paid for any good feedback (should try to change this 😉 ) I wanna recommend you going there! I absolutely adore the interior design – don’t know why, but it makes me feel like being somewhere in the south. Everything is very light, the room is spacious but still very cozy. And as I said, the place is perfect for weather like this because you can sit outside in the sun, watch the people passing by and you might gonna think you are somewhere in Italy 😉 (the coffee is nearly as good as the one I got in Milano though…). I love how Zurich develops the last couple of years – It nearly makes me feel like living in a big city 😀 Aw and btw: I went there yesterday for a drink but already had one or two to many the night before, so I ordered the one called „Steve Jobs“ which is without alcohol and it was sooooo good!!!

Some words to the outfit: I bought this skirt when I was in London and actually never wore it…It might look pretty on the pictures but it’s not something I would wear in my everyday life, as it is a bit impractical and I can only wear it wigh highheels, otherwise I gonna clean the dirty floor with it… I like it though and hope there will be some opportunities when I can wear it in summer:)

XX Patricia

Eugenies_Navyboot_Yumi_Zara_1 Eugenies_Navyboot_Yumi_Zara_3 Eugenies_Navyboot_Yumi_Zara_4 Eugenies_Navyboot_Yumi_Zara_5 Eugenies_Navyboot_Yumi_Zara_9 Eugenies_Navyboot_Yumi_Zara_10Pictures by: Sabine Neuhaus


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