Skin Pampering Routine

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Hello everybody 🙂 The reason for today’s post is my current condition. After yesterday’s evening at work, where the air isn’t the best inside and very cold and harsh outside, where I tend to forget to drink enough water and where I don’t get much sleep afterwards I often find that my skin gets very dry and tired looking the next day. So when waking up this morning I gathered every product I know and trust in these kind of situations. And here they are:

  • Hydrating mask: The first thing I use after washing my face is the Express Flower Gel from Sisley. You don’t have to buy this exact one at all, it’s quite expensive and I think there are other great masks for a better price point out there. Sometimes I apply it in the evening and leave it on during the night, but today I took the residue off after 10 minutes. It adds an extra amount of moisture to my skin and when applying it I also try to give my face a little massage to wake it up 🙂
  • Lip balm: At the same time I apply Nuxe’s RĂŞve de Miel, which is a a great lip balm for day and night


  • Serum: After taking off the rest of the mask I apply L’Occitane’s Extrait Divin (you can read more about it here). I have been using serums for years and years and everytime I feel the extra amount of moisture they add. Even if they tend to be quite expensive I feel like they’re worth it (I’ll do a post about my favourite ones very soon)
  • Moisturizer: At the moment Clinique’s Moisture Surge is one of my favourites. It’s hydrating but doesn’t leave my skin greasy
  • Eye Cream: For the sensitive skin around my eyes I use Clarins‘ Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask which hydrates, refreshes and absorbs very quickly (it’s ment to be taken off after a few minutes but mine always absorbs completely)
  • EE Cream: Today is one of those days I don’t wanna wear makeup, especially no foundation. So I’ll use EstĂ©e Lauder’s EE Cream which is basically a tinted moisturizer that has a tiny bit of coverage (but don’t expect it to cover any major things) but mainly adds moisture to my skin.


  • Whenever I do apply makeup on a day like this, I stick to cream products because they add a bit of light and life to my face: Cream highlighters (like the one below from the Body Shop), cream blushes (Mac’s are my favourite ones) and finally something very moisturizing for the lips: I either choose By Terry’s Baume de Rose, which is a mixture between a lipbalm and a lipgloss or a very lightly pigmented, moisturizing lipstick. The one on the picture is YSL’s VoluptĂ© Sheer Candy. It gives you a hint of colour but doesn’t dry out your lips.

I know these are a lot of products to use. And I know that not everyone will enjoy taking some minutes to go trough a routine like this. BUT if you have a bit time left and if you wanna treat yourself nicely I think it’s absolutely worth it. I assure you, I already feel (and hopefully look :)) much better after using the products above :).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day, Sabine


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