Shades of Grey

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Hello everyone

Like I’ve mentioned before I’m gonna move very soon. In one week to be precise I’ll be in my new home. Without any furniture, dishes or lamps but as long as I have my bed, clothes and jewellery with me, I’m happy. Once I’ll get around to going to flee markets, thrift shops and last but not least to good old IKEA, I’ll hopefully find myself in an appartment where I’ll be wanting to stay forever and ever 🙂

For the last two weeks I’ve been clearing out all the boxes that were sitting in my basement for the last year and I  found some things that I had completely forgotten (Not bad, to be able to go shopping in my own house :)). I went over every item and asked myself Would I wear it today? If the answer was yes, I kept it, if it was no, I put it in the Not quite sure yet what to do with it but NOT to keep box. The coat I’m wearing here is one of the things I’ll keep. I normally don’t like coats or thick jackets, because firstly I love my blazers, secondly I’m always hot and thirdly I feel like the most make me look like a Michelinmännli (for any of you that don’t know what I’m talking about: VoilĂ ). But this one is different. It’s not as heavy as some of the others (I’m already carrying around one or two huuge and heavy bags every day, so I don’t want a coat that’s weighs a lot as well) and I just love everything grey. It’s not reeeally a colour but at the same time it adds a little bit of colour to your appearance (hmm, you get it?). By the way, if you like it, I’ve seen the exact same one at the Zara website some days ago. I also chose some Nike trainers because for uni, work and running errands, there’s just nothing better in my opinion.

The pictures were taken on sunday afternoon. It was sunny and rather warm and so we took my bike Lilly (yes, she has a name and yes, she listens to it!) and walked around looking for a place to take some photos. We then found a little area that I’ve never seen before, not far from where we live. This is one thing I love about this whole blogging experience – we go to places in Zurich we wouldn’t normally go. And this was one of them. There were no cars, not many people (I’m still not that comfortable taking pictures when there are people around…) and a suitable background for my outfit I think.


The next few days I’m gonna continue clearing out my treasure chests (also known as the boxes in my basement) and maybe there will be another rediscovered love in the next post 🙂

Thank you for reading and have a good day.


Photos by Patricia Neuhaus

My outfit:

Pullover: Sandro

Leggings: Victoria’s Secret

Coat: Zara

Trainers: Nike

Earrings: The Current Custom


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