A sunday evening well spent brings a week of content :)

Good morning 🙂

there are these pieces you have kind of a love-hate relationship with, don’t you? This blue leather jacket is one of them for me… I love the color (not very surprisingly, as I love everything blue) but I don’t really like the cut – never know if I should wear it closed or open. Depending on the day and my mood, I love the jacket or I regret spending that much money on it. Anyway – I wore it last week when we went to my dad’s new place: I didn’t know how I’ll feel being there,  as he moved out of the house where we all grew up and so I thought it might be kind of a strange feeling seeing him in a new place. But it seems like the times when I struggled a lot with everything new and all the changes which happen around me are gone. So we spent a pretty nice evening at his place (although it wasn’t warm enough to barbecue and eat outside) and thanks to my inexhaustible little sister, I could also take some pictures.

Some words to the outfit: I’m wearing a jacket from Sandro, boots from Capriccio and trousers from Zara.

XX Patricia

Eugenies_Patricia_Sandro_Zara_Capricco_2 Eugenies_Patricia_Sandro_Zara_Capricco_3 Eugenies_Patricia_Sandro_Zara_Capricco_4

That’s how you look like when your dad won’t stop saying stupid things and starring at you, while you desperately try to make a serious face…

Eugenies_Patricia_Sandro_Zara_Capricco_5 Eugenies_Patricia_Sandro_Zara_Capricco_6Pictures by: Caroline Neuhaus


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