Sandro Dress, blue High Heels and a love-hate relationship with pre summer Sale

Hey lovely readers 🙂

I’m done with studying for today and soon heading out for some drinks with my sister. I’ve heard about a new place that opened next to Paradeplatz called Puro and I wanna try it out. Love discovering new places and it seems like there are many in Zurich these days.

Some words to the outfit: Can’t remember the day, but sometime last week I had a seeeerious lack of motivation for my studies and instead I went shopping (always a good idea 😉 ). It was one of these days I really felt like spending money and renew my wardrobe, so I hoped for many nice pieces… Instead it was a huge mess everywhere due to the pre summer sale that’s going on. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t say no to spend half the price but if that means that all the clothes are either in size 000 or XXXXL you don’t get much out of it. In between all the clothes which didn’t fit me I finally found this skirt from Sandro. At the moment I love everything blue, so it’s not a big surprise I ended up buying it. Will see how often I can wear it 🙂 My jewellery is from Almoge btw – I’m a bit obsessed with this brand at the moment 😀

XX Patricia

Eugenies_Patricia_Sandro_MiuMiu_Buffalo_1 Eugenies_Patricia_Sandro_MiuMiu_Buffalo_3 Eugenies_Patricia_Sandro_MiuMiu_Buffalo_4 Eugenies_Patricia_Sandro_MiuMiu_Buffalo_5Pictures by: Sabine


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