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Helloo 🙂

I am sitting in a coffeeshop at Lenzerheide at the moment where Patricia and I are spending some days. My plan for today is to write the introduction of an essay I have to do in french literature. The amount of words I’ve already written: O! :O So to celebrate this current succes there’s nothing better than..doing other writing this post 🙂

These pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago and before getting dressed I tought about my favourite pieces of clothing at the moment. I asked myself „If I could only keep one whole outfit which clothes would I choose?“ and while thinking about it I got really stressed out about this hard and very important decision 😉 but here’s the result: On the buttom I’d definitely go for this pair of ripped jeans from Topshop because I feel like for my everyday life these are perfect for every occasion. The shoes I would choose are my beloved booties from Jeffrey Campell. They are comfortable and kind of rock’n’rolly, so they match the jeans quite well. And because I love everyone of the countless blazers in my wardrobe a lot and because they can sometimes look a bit too elegant I love mixing them with some cool shoes. The t-shirt I wear, which is my very favourite at the moment, is from Urban Outfitters and when I bought it in London a few weeks ago I liked it that much that I bought a second one two days later. I know, I know, kind of silly BUT if you are someone who spills sauces and drinks over your shirts as often as me you’ll understand 🙂 So back to the blazers: like I said, I wear one of them nearly everyday. Here I choose one of my babies (yes, I feel emotionally really attached to them) that I like a lot but that I don’t wear too often because I’m just not always in a wild animal kind of mood. Last but not least I went over my humongous jewellery drawer to choose the pieces I love the most. I ended up looking like a walking christmas tree so I removed half of it and went with the things I wear everyday. My Casio watch, some little gold rings, the gold bracelets I’ve worn for years and years, gold hoops on the ears and because I rediscovered it while digging in the drawer a long gold necklace that I’ve bought when I lived in Paris. I’m pretty reliefed now because I’ll be prepared if I ever have to make the hard decision of getting rid of the majority of my clothes ;).

Soo now it’s time to go back to my french poems (..even if I might think of other crazy important things to do that will keep me from going back to work). I hope you like the photos and I thank you a lot for reading.

DSC_7791DSC_7797DSC_7810DSC_7815DSC_7802Photos and Edit by: Tanja Etzensperger


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