Ristorante Seven in Ascona

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Hey Hey 🙂

Hope you all had a great start into the weekend? I woke up with such sore muscles haha – had a fitness instruction yesterday and I really can feel it. It’s always funny how you think you are fit until you change your regular workout and you feel like you’ve never done some sports before 😀

At the beginning of this week we headed to dinner at restaurant Seven in Ascona. It’s a Michelin one star restaurant with Chef de Cuisine Adrian Bürki (who was formerly the sous-chef) and led by Ivo Adam. I like to go there for dinner once a year – not only the food is excellent but also the view, the interior design and the team! They are all so friendly and you feel very welcomed. Gonna show you the pictures without loosing many more words 🙂 I can recommend it to everybody who likes a good and elegant dinner with great fish and meat (sorry again for the vegetarians, but that’s not your place I guess…), wine and atmosphere and who wants to have a special experience once in a while.

Eugenies_Seven_Ascona_1 Eugenies_Seven_Ascona_2 Eugenies_Seven_Ascona_3 Eugenies_Seven_Ascona_4These pictures above are from the Enoteca La Cambüsa. It belongs to the same proprietor as the Seven restaurants and so it’s under the lead of Ivo Adam as well. It’s an absolutely amazing place to go for a great wine or any other cocktail you like to enjoy before or after your dinner. Look at my drink, doens’t it look amazing? 😀 They also offer some delicacies like tartar, salami, tuna and so on.

Eugenies_Seven_Ascona_5Eugenies_Ascona_Seven_14Eugenies_Seven_Ascona_11Eugenies_Seven_Ascona_12Eugenies_Seven_Ascona_6Eugenies_Seven_Ascona_7Eugenies_Seven_Ascona_9Eugenies_Seven_Ascona_8Eugenies_Seven_Ascona_13Eugenies_Seven_Ascona_10Pictures by: Patricia Neuhaus


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