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short post before I head out for Dinner at Hiltl (ranked as the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world: but I guess, most of you know this already) with two of my friends from University. I’m sitting at Boreal Coffee right now. This coffee shop newly opened at Sihlstrasse in Zurich. I thought it’s worth to give it a try, and that’s what I can say about it after my first visit:

  1. Staff: very friendly! Asked if they have skinny milk ‚cause it’s not written on the menu and it was absolutely no problem to get some.
  2. Design: Hmm, I think it’s not fair to say it’s similar to Starbucks as it seems much cleaner! But from the atmosphere it is comparable: very easy-going, not extremely fashionable but comfy.
  3. Menu: I only had a cappuccino and to be honest: I’m a bit disappointed – from a place, which has „coffee shop“ in it’s name, I expect a better one. It’s fine but nothing special. I did not try any food – they have sweets and also some salads but not really that much.
  4. Price: For a medium size cappuccino I paid Fr. 6.20. I think that’s average for Zurich.


Fazit: I think it’s a comfy place, worth to go if you want to hang out with some friends in a very relaxed surrounding or if you have some time before you have to head to your next meeting and want to chill a bit. But I think they can improve when it comes to their coffee.

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