Reminder to myself: Keep breathing and relax!

Hey you all 🙂

Hope you spent a nice sunday. I woke up pretty early again – don’t sleep that good here… maybe there are too many things I’m thinking about or maybe it’s just the air conditioner, don’t know. The thing that makes me a bit nervous is my internship that’ll start in August. When it comes to exams at University I’m pretty good at not panicking and believe in myself. But when it comes to work that’s a different pair of shoes – i’m always afraid of not doing it good enough even if I’m aware of the fakt that as a trainee you don’t have (and you can’t) to know everything. Hate getting nervous about things which are a month ahead – such a waste of energy. Anyway, can’t change that at the moment… maybe I should attend some yoga classes, never a bad idea;)

Change topic: they always have a „Gala evening“ here at the Hotel where we stay (my absolut favourite night, ‚cause they have the best chocolate souffle that evening – could kill for it;) ) when you are supposed to wear black or white. So I went for this dress which I already own many years and which allows you to breath even with a very full belly – very important to take this into consideration. Wore it with my new shoes from Benci Brothers because they don’t have a thin heel: It’s so slippery here and I did not want my souffle all over my dress (I guess I still would have eaten it straight away from the floor 😉 )  but prefered it in my stomach 😀

XX Patricia


My mood was much better as it seems in this picture 😉

Eugenies_Patricia_Zypern_BenciBrothers_3 Eugenies_Patricia_Zypern_BenciBrothers_4Pictures by: Caroline Neuhaus


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