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Hey again 🙂

Another week is kicked off… I must admit, it scares me in a way how fast time goes by! I remember, when I was a child (not only in my head, but also regarding my age..) a year always seemed to go by very slowly and to know, that I had to wait 365 days till my next birthday was horrible! Now, before I’ve even really realized it, another year is over. Don’t know if this is a good or bad (scary?) thing, but it is how it is! And it’s the same with these pictures: we took them 4 months ago when Tanja and I felt like we had to use the opportunity that the weather was great. I really miss this time and so do I miss the red coat I’m wearing on the pictures: it’s actually not my coat but my mother’s… and while I had it for at least a year (since I moved out last september) she wanted to have it back. So moving out does not only mean that you have to learn how to cook, it also means that you can no longer go to your mother’s closet and pick all the nice things! Have this in mind before moving out haha! As I no longer own this coat, this means I have to buy a new one now 😉 But I really don’t know yet how to manage the next month as there are so many nice clothes I’d like to buy and next to this I really need to save money for all the presents haha – wouldn’t mind to win Lotto. But I guess I’m not the only one who is just so excited about all these gorgeous winter jackets, coats, scarfs and shoes! While I hate the cold, I like the opportunity you get with this weather to wear all this fancy stuff (… but here wo have it again, this one little problem: you don’t get these nice things without buying them… and this means you need money, help!)

Some words to my outfit: The coat is Marc Cain and perfect for a sunny but not to warm day. As it’s a very showy piece it’s not something I like to wear everyday – I guess we all heave these days on which we prefer to stay a little bit in the back, don’t we? 🙂 The shirt and the fake leather trousers are Zara (Really don’t know what I would do without Zara… Whenever I don’t find something, I finally go to Zara and after that I’m a lucky – poor – girl 🙂 ) And do you remember my prada bag? It’s still the one I got for half of the price and I’m pretty happy that this baby is still as white as it was when I bought the bag haha!

Have a nice week 🙂

P_RM_02P_RM_04P_RM_05P_RM_06P_RM_09 DSC_7436Outfit

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