Rainy sunday

Hey you all 🙂

I don’t even wanna know how the weather is in Switzerland! In London it’s terrible right now, rain all the time… I planed to visit Tate Modern, but when I realized that every tube stop is at least a 9 minute walk away from it I changed plans haha:) Now I went to the National Gallery which was pretty crowded but nevertheless worth to visit. There you can see so many great paintings, and even for someone like me, who doesn’t know a lot about art it’s fascinating. Now I have to carry out some research for my bachelor thesis before I’m heading for dinner at The Trafalgar.

The pictures below are from last week when Daphne was here (hate the colour of my hair: I mean I said I wanna have blonde, not orange?! Need to see the hairdresser soon haha): we took them before we went for dinner at Bill’s (without doubt my favourite restaurant in London).

XX Patricia

Eugenies_London_Forever21_26.7 Eugenies_London_Forever21_26.7_3 Eugenies_London_Forever21_26.7_4Pictures by: Daphne


  • Shoes: Buffalo
  • Bag: Prada
  • Leather Jacket: Secondhand
  • Shirt: Forever21
  • Jeans: Forever21

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