Belly tops, leather trousers and a declaration of love to Zurich :)

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Hello everybody

after Sabine’s last post I decided to choose the pictures we shot this last sunday as well… There is not much more to say than my sister already did: it was just the perfect day and I can’t explain how much I love our city! Some years ago, all I wanted (okee, I exaggerate as always…) was to take my suitcase and leave Zurich and Switzerland as it seemed like far away I would have all the possibilities and the freedom I didn’t have in my hometown… Yeah, lucky me I got older (… 22?! I know…) and I realized that it has less to do with where you are than with how you live your life, if you take your chances and are open minded for new things or not! No idea why I write this..Maybe because I’m actually in a situation where many things are changing, and while this often scares me it makes me just happy these days… Don’t you think it makes life much more interesting as if everything always stays the same?

As always some words to my outfit: first of all – I often wear belly tops on these last photos and before you get the impression that I wanna show my belly all the time… this is really not the case haha! I just got kind of a fan of these shirts during the last summer months and I like to wear them for the pictures, especially because you can not (… or let’s say I do not) wear them casually on a normal work/school/uni or whatever day! The trousers on the pics are perfect for the weekend but I learned that leather trousers are definitely the wrong choice for a day spending in the library where everybody is quite… you can here it squeal everytime you move a little bit. Really annoying haha!

Have a nice day! 🙂

DSC06790DSC06797DSC06800DSC06822DSC06858DSC06866DSC06817DSC06868Photos by: Sabine Neuhaus


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  • Charline
    November 3, 2014

    Really nice outfit, totally love this pink jacket combined with black it gives a little sweetness touch!
    I discovered your blog through Instagram and I love it 🙂

    See you xx

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