Outfit posts again and again

Good evening 🙂

A very short post: I came across this wall yesterday and knew I need to take some pictures here – so sad we don’t have houses like this in Switzerland. It’s always difficult to find nice backgrounds in Zurich (the best is the builiding of the National Bank haha 😉 ).

As nothing special happens here in Cyprus the only thing I can post are outfit pictures. Love to shoot them but I think it gets a bit boring over time. Hope you guys still read my posts haha ;).

Here I go with a very simple outfit from Zara. Love this shirt, so I bought it in blue, too. My shoes are from Jelmoli and the Brand is Peter Kaiser (looooove this brand, think they have the perfect heels. Heels which are made for women: Comfortable!) – wasn’t sure about them, but the longer I own them, the more I like them though…

XX Patricia

GetFileAttachment-4 GetFileAttachment-5 GetFileAttachment-6 GetFileAttachment-10 GetFileAttachment-11Pictures by: Sabine Neuhaus


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