One last #TB to Cyprus…

Hello lovely readers 🙂

I still had some pictures left from Cyprus (Aldiana). As I had the time and was in the mood to edit them, I thought I might as well publish them here on the blog :). Today, Franziska (sister nr. 3 next to Sabine and Caroline) and I went for a little hike in the mountains… Took my camera with me and could shoot some beautiful pictures of the nature (let’s not start to talk about the pictures I’m on… seems like today wasn’t my day at all hahah, but I will publish them later nevertheless = Hello real blog instead of fake one 😉 ).

Now I’m having a cozy afternoon ahead of me before it’s time for dinner at Hotel Schweizerhof. We just never get tired of this place. Seems like we are so typically Swiss: we like the known and so 99 % of the times we are eating out here in Lenzerheide we end up at one of the restaurants from the Hotel…

Thank you for reading.

XX Patricia

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And that’s how I look on most of my pictures…


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