Oktoberfest in Munich

Hello lovely readers 🙂

Me and some friends spent the last two days in Munich, attending the famous Oktoberfest which means a lot of fun, great food, funny music you’d normally never listen to and of course a little bit too much beer (or just alcohol in general :O ). Ouh and not to forget the stress in advancend to find the right Dirndl 😀 I was a bit lazy (and out of money haha…) so I took the same I wore 2 years ago – hope no one realized it 😉 After having spent the whole day at the Wiesn we were a bit tired in the evening but couldn’t resist going out and see a bit of Munichs Nightlife. So we ended up at Pacha, had some drinks and fun on the dancefloor but didn’t stay too long as we were all longing for our beds 🙂 I really recommend going to the Oktoberfest if you ever have the chance to do so, it’s a lot of fun and such a good atmosphere!

I didn’t take the camera with me so the only thing I can show you are some bad Iphohe pictures from today when we walked through Munichs oldtown. Such a beautiful city, I wanna spend some more days there as soon as I have the time to do so 🙂

Have a great saturday evening 🙂

Eugenies_Patricia_München_Oktoberfest_6 Eugenies_Patricia_München_Oktoberfest_5 Eugenies_Patricia_München_Oktoberfest_4 Eugenies_Patricia_München_Oktoberfest_3 Eugenies_Patricia_München_Oktoberfest_2 Eugenies_Patricia_München_Oktoberfest_1

Pictures by: Franziska Neuhau


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