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Hello everybody 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed a nice Christmas dinner with your family or your friends yesterday! As every year, we celebrate Christmas at Lenzerheide – it’s a little village in the mountains of Switzerland and a great place for skiing and snowboarding or just enjoying the spa area at the Hotel Schweizerhof (for the lazy ones…)! Today is one of these days on which I just do nothing – not something that happens too often and especially when I am in Zurich I always feel like missing out on something when I just stay at home or sleep during the day. So this 25. of December here in Lenzerheide is the perfect day to just hang around in the house – all the shops are closed, the weather is quite bad and the whole family is around 🙂  After such a lazy day I certainly will be ready to enjoy our last Christmas dinner at our uncle’s house this evening! The photos below where shot last sunday and I nearly freaked out when I realized that we finally had sunny weather again!! The last times we shot photos were kind of frustrating – it was always so cloudy (or even worse: rainy…) that it was quite hard to get some good pictures (come on, we all know: a little sunshine always makes you look a little bit happier, fresher – just better ;)). But better late than never and so here we go with the first sunny photos since a long time! Aww and not to forget: do you see the beauty of Zurich that day? I nearly couldn’t stop taking photos of the river and the lake, it looked just amazing 🙂

Have a nice Christmas day 🙂

P_Gemüsebrücke11 25.12.2014 P_Gemüsebrücke8 25.12.2014 P_Gemüsebrücke7 25.12.2014 P_Gemüsebrücke6 25.12.2014 P_Gemüsebrücke10 25.12.2014 P_Gemüsebrücke4 25.12.2104 P_Gemüsebrücke3 25.12.2014 P_Gemüsebrücke9 25.12.2014P_Gemüsebrücke13 25.12.2014P_Gemüsebrücke 25.12.2014Photos by: Sabine Neuhaus


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