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Hello everyone 🙂

I absolutely adore jewellery and although I already have a huge collection..I just can’t stop!! There’s rarely anything else that excites me as much as a beautiful bracelet, a gorgeous pair of earrings or a pretty necklace does. Sometimes I literally spend half an hour in front of my jewellery desk, just looking at the pieces and combining them in various ways (this isn’t sad, is it?!). I love dainty pieces as much as I love more eye-catching ones and my favourite thing to do is to mix both. So in case you are a jewellery lover too or you know someone that loves jewellery as much as I do (or even a bit less) or if you’re a boy and desperately on the hunt for a present for your mom, sister, girlfriend, maybe soon to be girlfriend (can’t go anything wrong after such a present!) – then have a look at my absolute favourite websites to buy jewellery.


  • The Current Custom: All time favourite jewellery pieces, all time favourite shop owner, all time favourite everything! I’ve been wearing the cuffs for at least 8 years without taking them off a single day. I also own some other pieces and everything is amazing quality (even after years of wearing them non stop, they look as if I just got them), the price is great and the customer service amazing as well.
  • Truly Blessed Jewels: For those who love to combine dainty and edgy pieces (like shark tooths, body chains, amazing stones, layering necklaces..) that are high quality at an amazing price – this is your store. This website is paradise for those of you who love to layer several necklaces.
  • Bonk Ibiza on Etsy: I’ve discovered this Etsy store only recently and wanted to order literally everything! I LOVE these kind of friendship bracelets combined with gold cuffs or bangles. Next project: Make some of them myself!
  • Ottoman Hands: If you love oriental inspired jewellery, you’ll be absolutely amazed by their pieces. Gorgeous gold pieces with big colourful stones – whenever I’m in Topshop (where you can get them), I’m totally overwhelmed by this brand.
  • Shopbop’s Jewellery Section: Let’s say you have an exact idea of a piece of jewellery you’d like to get but don’t know where to find it, or if you’re just in the mood to look at beautiful jewellery  – check out the Shopbop jewellery section. They have hundreds and hundreds of pieces, including every style, brand and price range you could ever imagine.
  • Last but certainly not least, Hitchcock Madrona: I discovered the Seattle based jewellery store/brand/overall amazing group of people through their youtube channel and since I’ve bought two necklaces from their website I’m a huuuge fan. Sometimes, when I’m lacking of inspiration or when I just feel the need to look at some gorgeous jewellery, I’ll watch their videos over and over again.

Thank you very much for being here and if you’re gonna have a look – happy „window“shopping 🙂

xx Sabine


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