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Hey everybody 🙂

I hope you had a great Monday! Did you already get all your Christmas presents? I’m so bad, every year I’m one of those stressed out guys who have to hurry through the town on the 22nd of December (or even worse on the 23th…)! We’ll see if I manage to be a little bit earlier this year (there’s not much time left I know haha). I admit being a big Christmas lover! I love everything about it: the tree, the songs, the time you spend with your family in the mountains and yes, even the presents haha 😉 I think with Christmas it’s such a thing that either you loooove it or it’s just not your thing. I’m not sure if there are many people who have neutral feelings towards this special time of the year… How do you feel about it?

As you all know for sure, last week the Victorias Secret Show was on television – not sure if I’m the only girl who on one side loves to watch it and is fascinated of course by the lingerie but even more by the beauty of all the Angels and on the other side I always feel kind of bad after watching it haha! I know girls and their problems, as if this was the most important… but I don’t start now to write about how important it is to feel confident in your own body and so on, I think we all know that this is really the key and not how much you weight or if you are as tall as a Victorias Secret model or not 🙂

The photos below were from earlier, warmer days: I don’t show them because I don’t have any current pictures, but because I like the sun shining on these pictures and this is actually something that is pretty difficult to manage these days (or let’s say it’s IMPOSSIBLE!) and I like being reminded of summer now and then…

I wish you all a great evening and thank you for reading 🙂

DSC_5372DSC_5427DSC_5380DSC_5445DSC_5405Photos and Edit by: Tanja Etzensperger


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