Let’s embrace ourselves.

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Magic? No, just some pictures we had taken in the beginning of our blog adventure and that I haven’t posted before. So I’m neither wearing extensions (by the way, a big Hallelujah for not regretting to have cut my hair, not even for one second!!) nor suffering from excessive hairgrowth. 6 months ago we went to a place in a rather crowded area of Zurich. And even if there were only some tourists taking pictures of the church behind us, I remember feeling quite unconfortable. Firstly being photographed scared me (it can be scary if YOU and only you are the motif and if you try to look relaxed when you’re actually not) and secondly the fact that there were people around us worried me even more. What I’ve learned since then is just to let go a little bit. To be less severe and harsh on myself when it comes to pictures. You may think „It’s just photos, so no big deal!?“ but it actually is more..it’s about the way you later, on the computer, look at your photos and to go even further it’s about the way you look at yourself. You can either be extremely critical and worry about every bit of a double chin you may have, dark circles around your eyes, your legs not looking as slim as Heidi Klum’s or about your chubby cheeks (To be honest: that’s my biggest worry!). OR you can look at yourself without any bitterness and try to notice the positive things about you..it doesn’t work all the times, but now, after half a year of practising (I really consider it as practising) I see results. Sometimes I like how my eyes look, sometimes I like my smile and sometimes I even like my face from the side (despite the cheeks!). So the more we’ve worked on our blog, which in a way is quite a superficial thing (in the sense that it’s about clothes, jewellery, makeup..) the more I’ve learned for my everyday life. I’m okay. Despite the double chin on some days, the dark circles from time to time and my chubby cheeks. 🙂

By the way, there’s a song whose lyrics cheer me up every single time the miror just doesn’t show what I would like to see: Colbie Caillat – Try

Thank you for reading ‚till the end of my deep thoughts 😉 have a good day!


Photos and Edit by: Tanja Etzensperger









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