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Hey lovely readers 🙂

How are you doing? Two weeks ago the Lush team surprised me with a little package, including the Lemony Flutter, the Helping Hands cream, a test version of the fair trade foot lotion and the Stepping stone. I was a pretty happy girl when I discovered the little box, as I’m a huge fan of the Lush products. Do you know their Soft Coeur massage butter? I got this one from my sister as a christmas present and I felt like being in heaven when I used it for the first time! It smells as if you were in honey and chocolate paradise and your skin feels so smooth and moisturized after using it! So after having made such positive experiences with the Lush products (I also have their It’s raining men shower gel which I can highly recommend) I had pretty high expectations of the hand and foot creams.

So, my experience after using the creams for about two weeks:

– Lemony Flutter: The Lemony Flutter is a great product to put on your cuticles before going to bed – I’m a person that pretty often has very dry cuticles – both, on my hands and on my feet and I absolutely hate how scruffy this looks! Seriously: you can wear the most elegant outfit – if your nails and hands feel like the ones of a building worker the look is not completed… After using the cream for two weeks, I can notice a huge difference: my cuticles look much healthier and I absolutely feel no pain any longer, what I sometimes did when they were extremely dry.

– Helping Hands cream: This cream is one of the few hand creams I know, that really gives your hands moisture not only for the hours after you have used it, but for much longer. The disadvantage is, that it needs a pretty long time until it’s fully absorbed. So I would not recommend to apply the cream before you use your phone, computer, put your clothes on, drive your car… you will see traces of the cream there haha! Apply it and give the cream 10 minute to absorbe completely, enjoy a coffee during this time or just relax – your hands will be thankful I promise 🙂

– Fair trade foot lotion: Lush offers different foot lotions and I certainly wanna try the other ones as well, but this one is absolutely amazing. We probably all know these rough skin parts on our toes from wearing higheels that are too tigh or just because we don’t take care of our feet enough (because we don’t see them so often, we don’t care, right…? :O). This cream makes your skin feel like silk and it also absorbes pretty fast. I can’t say yet if it also helps the very rough and dry parts on the footbed, but I have big hopes!

Let me know what you think about the products. Which ones do you like the most? And how were your experiences with the Lush products?

Have a great evening 🙂

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Photos by: Franziska Neuhaus

Edit by: Patricia Neuhaus

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