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Hey everybody 🙂

As you may have realized I was in London the last few days. My sister and I stayed there for 4 days and we tried to discover as much as possible while also leaving enough time for shopping and just enjoying the city. As I’m kind of a foodie I felt like being in heaven while in London – the variety of food they offer is just amazing and it’s sometimes pretty hard to decide where you wanna go for lunch or dinner (or worse: it already starts with the decision where to go for breakfast haha)! Even if I’m sure most of you have been to London before and have experienced the amazing variety of restaurants and bars by yourself already, I thought it might be fun to make a list and mention the ones we tried and liked the most during the last days 🙂

Have a nice day and thank you for reading!

1. The Trafalgar

– This is not a restaurant but the hotel in which we stayed. It’s located (as its name says…) right next to the Trafalgar Square and so it’s perfectly located if you want to discover the town. I’ve been there for the second time and once again we felt very welcomed at the hotel. The staff is extremely friendly, the rooms are pretty and very modern and there is a very relaxed atmosphere at The Trafalgar. On the rooftop of the hotel the Rockwell Bar is located. The bar is well known for its cocktails and open not only for hotel guests but also for external visitors (BUT: It’s closed during the winter months!). So if you are lookig for a place to stay with all the amenities you expect from a 4 star hotel without expecting the luxury (and the costs!) of one of the famous 5 star ones like The Ritz, The Langham etc. I’d highly recommend this place 🙂

Eugenies_TheTrafalgar_London_10.2.2015_1 Eugenies_TheTrafalagar_London_10.2.2015_2Eugenies_TheTrafalgar_London_10.2.2015_4 Eugenies_TheTrafalgar_London_10.2.2015_5

Pictures by: Patricia Neuhaus


2. Nobu

Nobu is one of the most famous restaurants in London. As you might know Nobu is not only located at Berkeley Street in London but all over the world! Nobu got the name from its chef Nobu Matsuhisa (BTW: one of the salad dressings is called Matsuhisa – so don’t ask what it is haha, it’s simply the chef’s name ;).) One of its co-owners is hollywood actor Robert de Niro by the way. Nobu is well-known for its Japanese cuisine that includes dishes like watercress salad, Tuna Sashimi, different Toban-Yaki‘s (your dish is roasted on a ceramic plate and served to your table still in it) wagyu beef and so on… Reservation recommended (except your name is Kate Moss…)!

+ I would recommend if: You have your little black dress with you and think it may be funny to spot a celebrity. You enjoy being in between super stylish people, all very well dressed in a place which is perfectly designed. You do not mind if it’s pretty loud and you love to try and share different dishes which you may do not know yet – go and enjoy your evening at Nobu.

– I would NOT recommend if: You prefer a calmer environment for your dinner and the dish itself is what counts the most for you – not the dresses, the bags, the styles and the interior design! You don’t feel comfortable being surrounded by a lot of women who do not seem like they have fun at all and who make it pretty hard for you to make your way to the wash basin in the rest rooms as they are all refreshing their lipgloss (most of them 40 + not 15 +…). You wanna know exactly what the dish on the menu means and don’t like being suprised by how it might look or taste like.

Eugenies_Nobu_London_10.2.2015_1 Eugenies_Nobu_London_10.2.2015_2

Pictures by:


3. Lima Floral

– At Lima Floral you get high quality peruvian food. The head chef of Lima Floral, a true Peruvian national serves food that has exactly the right amount of flavour and taste! If you maybe have trouble thinking about „peruvian food“ it incluceds chicken, quinoa, avocado, a lot of different fishes and vegetables all served and created with a lof of great spices and sauces which we do not know in our local kitchen. Reservation recommended!

+ I would recommend if: You love to discover new food with influences from all over the world. You like to be at a place where you get food at its highest quality without unnecessary luxury around you. You love a warm, cozy and relaxing atmoshphere.

– I would NOT recommend if: You love high fashion and luxury. High (and so rather pricy) quality food goes for you together with a fancy interior design. You prefer to have big portions with a lot of meat and a side dish that will leave you completely full.

Eugenies_LimaFloral_London_10.2.2015_1 Eugenies_LimaFloral_London_10.2.2015_2 Eugenies_LimaFloral_London_10.2.2015_3 Eugenies_LimaFloral_London_10.2.2015_4Pictures by: Patricia Neuhaus


4. Spice Market

Spice Market is located in the middle of China Town. While China Town is actually not known for having the best Asian restaurants in London, Spice Market stands out in quality and design in my opinion. The restaurant belongs to the W Hotel and it consists of two floors with a great bar building part of it, too. The food you get at Spice Market is all about Southeast Asian Cuisine and it’s also a great place to dine if you like to have different meals in the middle of the table to share with each other. I had a grilled chicken with a lemongrass dressing which was pretty tasting, savoury without being too spicy or strong. For the sushi lovers, there is also a great variety of sushis. What I liked most about the restaurant was the great ambiance – there is such a warm atmosphere at Spice Market with huge walls of spices all around and very cozy tables. We also chose this place because it’s located next to most of the theaters and they offer also special menus which are served very fast as a pre-theater dinner. Spice Market also serves breakfast! Reservation recommended!

+ I would recommend if: You are a fan of the Asian cuisine and like fish and meat. You love huge restaurants with a very international touch. You like it pretty fancy but yet relaxed and easy-going.

– I would NOT recommend if: You are a vegetarian!

Eugenies_SpiceMarket_London_10.2.2015_1 Eugenies_SpiceMarket_London_10.2.2015_2

Pictures by:


5. Central & Co

Central & Co is located in the heart of the West-End. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner (and excellent coffee if you like your coffee the italian way!). I really didn’t feel like being in London while eating at Central & Co., for me it felt more like being in Italy haha. But what counts is that I really loved it! The staff is extremely friendly, the place is full with young people chatting around and the place just makes you feel good. As it is right at the end of Carnaby street it’s the perfect place to go for lunch after an exhausting shopping morning through Soho, so you can refill your batteries for further shopping in the afternoon ;). During lunchtime you can chose between many small plates consisting of vegetables, burrata, different kind of fishes like salmon, seabass etc. Or you go for a sandwich, salad or one of their extremely good lucking burgers with chips! There is something for everybody I guess 🙂

+ I would recommend if: You like being surrounded by many easy-going young people who are chatting a lot and who seem to be very relaxed. You are a fan of simple dishes, strong coffee and wooden furniture.

– I would NOT recommend if: You wanna have your dish 10 minutes after you have ordered it. You prefere to be seated quite far away from the next table. You love to chose between a huge variety of different meals on the menu (the menu is quite small). Eugenies_Central&Co_London_10.2.2015 Eugenies_Central&Co_London_10.2.2015_2

Pictures by:


6. Wild Food Cafe

Wild Food Cafe is located a few steps above Covent Garden at an extremly beautiful little yard. At that place it’s all about raw, vegetarian and vegan food. We went there with a friend of mine who is currently living in London and who recommended us that place. I was looking forward like a little child to seeing my friend of course but also to trying something totally new for me. I wasn’t disappointed at all – I went with the Ayurvedic Super Salad which consists of avocado, cucumber, courghetti spaghetti (Aww I loved them!!!) and many other great ingredients. Wild Food Cafe is a very small place with only a few, long tables which create a feeling of sitting in your living room with some friends. In the middle of the room there is the „kitchen“ and so you can see how your dish is getting prepared. It opens at 12 o’clock and we went there right then, as there are no reservations possible. If you come later, you may have to wait a few minutes. I certainly will come back to this place as I think it’s the perfect place to have a healthy lunch with a friend and to enjoy food you don’t get everywhere and all the time.

+ I would recommend if: You are excited about trying out new things and love it healthy but yet delicious. You are a lover of veggies and do not mind going without meat for once. You like it simple, natural and it doesn’t bother you not having your „own“ table but sitting on a long table with other guests.

– I would NOT recommend if: For you Pizza means cheese and ham – the more the better (You actually will get Pizza at Wild Food Cafe but it doesn’t contain of neither cheese nor ham nor flour nor mascarpone… You got it, right?). You absolutely don’t know why people feel the need to drink there veggies as green or let’s say green/brown smoothies and what’s all about that hype (actually the conversations at Wild Food Cafe are interupted sometimes because of their VITA MIX which struggles through the kale, apples, cucumber and so on).

Eugenies_WildFoodCafe_London_10.2.2015_2 Eugenies_WildFoodCafe_London_10.2.2015_3 Eugenies_WildFoodCafe_London_10.2.2015_4 Eugenies_WildFoodCafe_London_10.2.2015_5Photos by: Patricia Neuhaus


6. Le Pain Quotdien

Le Pain Quotidien can be found all around London. We went to the one at Covent garden. Once for lunch and once for breakfast. I knew Le Pain Quotidien already from Zurich and was pretty curious if it was exactly the same in London or not. The interior design is exactly the same and the breakfast is more or less what we get in Zurich as well – granola, fresh berries, fresh fruits, yoghurt and different kinds of bread with their famous chocolat spreads. I really loved our breakfast there, because even if we were too early they welcomed us very friendly and served us! I had the fresh berries with the yoghurt and a cappuccino and together with the calm, cozy atmosphere on such an early morning (we went there at 8 o’clock on a saturday  – actually it opens at 9 o’clock but the information on the internet is wrong) and the amazing friendly staff it was just perfect.  For lunch you can choose between different salads, soups, tartines with avocado, tuna and so on. I think it’s the perfect choice for a light lunch.

+ I would recommend if: You are a salad lover. You like veggies, smoothies. You are a tourist and you don’t mind that 99% of the people around you are a tourist too.

– I would NOT recommend if: You get nervous if you have to wait 5-10 minutes until you are seated. You don’t want to be in between tourists. You are pretty annoyed about all this organic, healthy food stuff! You wanna have a Coke (no chance – unless you invent an organic one…)!

Eugenies_LePainQuotidien_London_10.2,2015_3 Eugenies_LePainQuotidien_London_10.2.2015_1 Eugenies_LePainQuotidien_London_10.2.2015_4Pictures by: Patricia Neuhaus


7. Caffè Nero

Nero, that’s my tipp for where to go to grab your coffee to go. I really miss the cappuccino I got there: Sorry starbucks, but your foam is just not the same!

+ I would recommed if: You like all different kinds of coffee, especially the ones with milk and great foam!

– I would NOT recommend if: You are in a hurry and it’s 8 o’clock in the morning – don’t expect them to be the fastest!

Eugenies_Nero_London_10.2.2015_1 Eugenies_Nero_London_10.2.2015_2

Photos by:


8. Pret A Manger

Pret A Manger actually looks for me like a pretty unhealthy fastfood at first sight, but it’s not at all! You find Pret all over London, they serve coffee, bakeries and food like salads, soups and wraps which are made fresh daily. There is actually no wrap, salad or any other food which is made the day before as everything is made fresh in each shop’s kitchen throughout the day.

+ I would recommend if: You need something healthy and delicious to take away.

– I would NOT recommend if: You only want a good, black coffee.

Eugenies_Pret A Manger_London_10.2.2015_1 Pret a Manger Chunky hummus and salad wrap Eugenies_Pret A Manger_London_10.2.2015_3 Eugenies_Pret A Manger_London_10.2015_4Pictures by:

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