London: Muriel’s Kitchen and Le pain quotidien

Hello everybody 🙂

Here I go with some first impressions from London – and surprise surprise it’s all about food 😀 I’m sure after some weeks I won’t be so delighted anymore about all the cafés and foodstores but up to now they got my attention. The pictures below are from Muriel’s Kitchen and Le pain quotidien. Both of them are located a few times in London (for example Muriel’s Kitchen right next to the Tube station of South Kensignton or in Soho and Le pain quotidien at the Tottenham court road or at Covent garden). Le pain quotidien I knew already from Switzerland and it’s pretty much the same here in London. Muriel’s kitchen is also a pretty healthy place where you get different salads, smoothies but also heartier dishes like lasagne and so on. Can highly recommend both of them and the staff is lovely too 🙂 So I’m done with gushing about food and restaurants. Gonna go out for a drink and tomorrow I will visit Borough market – I’m already excited!

Thank you for reading and have a great evening 🙂IMG_3855

Eugenies_London_Murielskitchen_6 Eugenies_London_Murielskitchen_4 Eugenies_London_Murielskitchen_3 Eugenies_London_Murielskitchen_2 Eugenies_London_Murielskitchen_1

Pictures by: Patricia Neuhaus of Muriel’s Kitchen

Eugenies_London_Lepainquotidien_6 Eugenies_London_Lepainquotidien_2 Eugenies_London_Lepainquotidien_5 Eugenies_London_Lepainquotidien_4 Eugenies_London_Lepainquotidien_3Pictures by: Patricia Neuhaus of Le pain quotidien

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