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I’m already in bed, I’m just so tired… Yesterday we went to the cinema and watched Magic Mike (still don’t know if I love the movie or  think it’s ridiculous haha – but Channing Tatum is just a MUST – SEE! But girls, please don’t force any man to join you for this film! There was one single guy in the cinema who seemed to had been forced by his girlfriend to join her and I felt so sorry for him :O ) and this morning I hardly couldn’t stay awake in school… So I only went to Muriel’s Kitchen again to get me some food, made a quick side trip to Joe & the Juice and back I am in my ‚cozy‘ (worst eveeer) bed 🙂

Actually as you can see the pictures are again only food pictures -it’s just easier to shoot your food than yourself. Planned to shoot some outfit pictures today with one of my classmate but just a few minutes later it started to rain 🙁 Hopefully I will be able to shoot some soon!

Have a great night and can highly recommend the restaurants on the pictures below to anybody who’ll visit London 🙂 And don’t forget Borough Market! The oldest market of London offers so many fresh products and is definitely a visit worth. I would also recommend enjoying breakfast at the market as there are many Cafés located inside the markthall.


1. Granger and Co

Located all over London, e.g. Notting Hill or Kings Cross: A great place to enjoy either breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. Friendly staff, appealing interior design and a menu which offers something for everybody.

Eugenies_Grangerandco_London_1 Eugenies_Grangerandco_London_3


2. The Imli Street

Actually I didn’t plan to go there but stopped by accidentially. Located in the middle of Soho this restaurant was a great surprise – not only is there a very relaxed atmosphere but also the food is great. I normally do not like Indian food that much but my chicken and also the salad with the citrus dressing had just the perfect taste. AND: I also got a great coffee – not one of these huuuuges americanos which has nothing to do with what we are used to in Switzerland.

Eugenies_Imlistreet_London_7 Eugenies_Imlistreet_London_5 Eugenies_Imlistreet_London_4 Eugenies_Imlistreet_London_3 Eugenies_Imlistreet_London_2 Eugenies_Imlistreet_London_1

3. The O Bar

The O Bar is located in Soho and I really had one of the best Cocktails I’ve ever had in my life. Great place to have a drink after you’ve had dinner nearby.

Eugenies_TheObar_London_7 Eugenies_TheObar_London_6 Eugenies_TheObar_London_4 Eugenies_TheObar_London_2

4. Borough Market

Great place for all „Foodies“ and everybody else who wants to enjoy a sunny day somewhere outside. Great to combine with a visit at Tate Modern which is within 10 minute walking distance.

Eugenies_TheBoroughMarket:2 Eugenies_TheBoroughMarket_London_5 Eugenies_TheBoroughMarket_London_1

Photos by: Patricia Neuhaus


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  • Maria - To make each day count
    Juli 11, 2015

    Oh, I want to see magic Mike too! 😀 And thank you for all the good recommendations of food places in London. Can’t wait to go there! 🙂

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