A little stroll through Zurich

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Good morning everybody 🙂

how are you? Just want to show you the pictures my little sister and I took last wednesday. We actually planned to meet much later but when I saw the sun shining I knew that there is no time to lose for taking the photos 🙂 After this, we went to the Ed Sheeran concert and I can tell you – if you ever have the chance to visit one of his shows: do it! Of course, it’s a matter of taste if you like his music or not, but the way he performed, interacted with the audience and was able to entertain the people all by itself (no band!) was really amazing! Btw: yesterday my little sister and I met to discuss about our trip to London – we are both not big fans of planning too much but I still think that it’s worth to spend some thoughts about what you are interested in and what you might wanna see and do! So I’m still happy if any of you can give me some good recommendations where to go for dinner or what we should visit 🙂

I hope you like the outfit – I totally became obsessed with this bag: It feels so good if you don’t have to carry your  big bag all the time and just have free hands haha 🙂

XX Patricia

P_Eugenies_Jan_15_01 P_Eugenies_Jan_15_02 P_Eugenies_Jan_15_03 P_Eugenies_Jan_15_04 P_Eugenies_Jan_15_05 P_Eugenies_Jan_15_06P_Eugenies_Jan_15_08 P_Eugenies_Jan_15_09 P_Eugenies_Jan_15_10 P_Eugenies_Jan_15_11 P_Eugenies_Jan_15_12 P_Eugenies_Jan_15_13Pictures by: Caroline Neuhaus

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