Let’s talk foundations!

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Let’s talk foundations. I cleaned out my foundation collection yesterday and thought „Why not pick out some favourites and not so favourites and write about them?“ So here we go. I personally feel like by watching commercials or listening to the sales associates in the stores you always feel like every foundation will be THE ONE that will make your skin look perfect for at least 10 hours (some foundations even claim 24 hours staying power, which I think is a bit ridiculous :D). Well reality is, I often tried out new foundations and when I looked in the mirror during the day I either looked reeeally oily, had dry patches or the foundation had completely rubbed off after very little time. So I learned to not listen to the ads or the people that want to sell something (and neither be seduced by pretty packaging!). Here are some of my recommendations:


  • Clinique’s Anti Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup (I use shade 02) is one of my all time favourites. It doesn’t do anything spectacular to my skin, but it’s just a great foundation for every day. If you have dry skin with an oily t-zone and you get shiny after a long day at work or uni – this one is perfect. I do get a little oily after some hours but nothing that blotting papers couldn’t fix. It doesn’t accentuate dry skin either. So whenever I need a foundation that will last throughout the day, I choose this one.
  •  YSL’s Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation (I use shade BD40) is another of my favourites. In my opinion it’s more of a special occasion one – I like wearing it at night because it leaves my skin very pretty and dewy. During the day it’s a bit too luminous for my skin type. But if yours is dry, even in the t-zone, this one would be perfect for everyday use as well. It feels very luxurious, glides on beautifully and like I said, it leaves your skin glowy and smooth looking.
  • Dior’s Star (I use shade 30 but it it’s a bit too dark for me at the moment): This one, like the name claims, really is a star. It’s a foundation for the occasions you want your skin not to look particularly natural, but perfect. It feels very good on the skin, not too heavy or thick but has a decent coverage. So if you want to take pictures, go out in the evening or just look really flawless, then this one is the perfect option. It is rather pricey, so I won’t repurchase it again, just because I prefer the YSL one which does everything I want in a special occasion foundation. I feel like this one has a bit too much coverage for my skin, which I don’t like that much. I prefer the look of fresher skin. But there’s nothing wrong with the foundation, it’s just personal preference.

Recent rediscovery:

  • Chanel Mat Lumière (I use shade 20 clair): Lately my skin has been very difficult to handle (VERY dry on the cheeks and chin and VERY oily everywhere else) and for that reason I have been using two foundations at the same time. Yes, this might seem exaggerated but I don’t mind taking 30 more seconds in the morning so I use one of the ones I’ve mentioned above on the dry parts of my face and than I use Chanel Mat Lumière on my forehead and nose, where I get very shiny. This foundation is reeeally matt and longwearing. Even too matt and too heavy for all over my face but perfect for the oily parts. It is the only foundation I’ve ever tried that leaves my forehead matt until the evening. So I’ve been using it for the last two weeks for this purpose and I LOVE it (I can get very excited about things like this :D).


Not so favourite:

  •  L’Oréal’s Eau de Teint Nude Magique: This one has a very interesting texture which was the reason I was attracted to it. It comes out of the bottle very liquidy (the best way to apply it is with your fingers, whereas sponges or brushes will absorb most of the product) and then, once applied to the skin dries to a powdery finish with pretty much no coverage. I thought that this would be perfect for my oily t-zone, I wouldn’t need any powder, because this foundation would do the job for me..but HELL no. It actually got very patchy after little time, I got horribly shiny despite the powdery finish and my skin looked awful at the end of the day. The colour of the foundation got a bit darker every hour, so whilst it was okay in the morning, it looked way too dark in the evening. So unfortunately this foundation didn’t perform well at all on my skin.


So these were some recommendations out of my foundation drawer. I’ll surely be seduced by commercials, beautiful packaging etc. in the future as well and buy more foundations I absolutely don’t need, but these ones are some I’ll always go back to. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.





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