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Hello again 🙂

we are still in Cyprus, enjoying the nice weather, good food and especially the variety of sports you can do here! The last few days we went wakeboarding twice and it was so much fun! But all of you who already did it, can surely imagine how I feel now – everything hurts and I move with the elegance of an elephant… (so that really makes you ask yourself if all the sports you did during the last months was for nothing haha?!). But it was definitely worth it – standing on the board at 8 am, with only the sunrise and the sea in front of you – it nearly makes a romantic out of me, so we’ll stop now ;)!

Apart from this, we spend much time just lying on the beach, listening to music and doing nothing! And even if it may sound strange – it’s not that easy for me to relax and to just do nothing. I feel like at the beginning of the holidays I always need some days to learn how to relax and enjoy these lazy days. So lucky me that there is a sport and activity program, so I’m not forced to lie on my couch the whole day (yahyah I know, huge problems that I currently have…).

So the outfit on the photos is from the Galaabend I already wrote about. It’s not a dress that you normally would wear if the dresscode requires something more elegant – but come on: we are in a Family (or lets say Children) Clubhotel, so I think it was totally ok.

Have a nice evening 🙂


Photos by: Caroline Neuhaus

Edit by: Patricia Neuhaus


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