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Hello again

I hope you all feel alright and relaxed after these Christmas days. I’ll stay in the mountains another week and even if the weather is absolutely terrible by now, it’s just so cozy here and everyday I feel more relaxed. Today I got a massage at the Spa at Hotel Schweizerhof (a post about this great place will follow…) and later I went to the gym! Ok, that costed quite an effort, as it would have been pretty nice to just drink coffee and read magazins in one of the bars here! But I know myself: after a day without doing ANYTHING I never feel good!

I didn’t make it to take my ski or snowboard and hit slopes yet – the weather is just too bad and you nearly don’t see anything. Even if this is a great excuse to stay at home and be lazy the whole day I really hope it will get better! Christmas holidays without being on the skis for at least once just doesn’t feel right, don’t you think? Ok that doesn’t count for the people that booked a ticket to Bali or somewhere else to the beach – if I did so, I wouldn’t spend a single thought about the snow and the ski slopes haha!

The photos below were taken at the Niederdorf in Zurich and it was one of these cloudy days on which you are already happy if it doesn’t rain as it always seems like it could pour down the other minute – so lucky me that we made it without the rain and got some photos on which I do not look like a wet dog (… don’t know why my hair looks kind of orange, I really hope they don’t do so in real life haha!) 🙂P_Niededorf4 1.1.2015 P_Niederdorf1 1.1.2015 P_Niederdorf2 1.1.2015 P_Niederdorf3 1.1.2015 P_Niederdorf5 1.1.2015 P_Niederdorf7 1.1.2015 P_Niederdorf8 1.1.2015Photos by: Sabine Neuhaus


  • Trousers: Zara (old)
  • Scarf: Panta Rhei (Store in Zurich)
  • Shoes: Veni vidi (similar)
  • Poncho: Leonardo (similar)
  • Jewellery: Christmas market
  • Jodi
    Dezember 30, 2014

    You look gorgeous and hope you get to hit the slopes soon.
    xx, jodi

  • Viktoria-Charlotte Ottmann
    Januar 20, 2015

    Wir unternehmen Ende April mit meinem Bruder eine Sprachreise nach Malta. Wir haben über Dialog Sprachreisen nen Allgemeinsprachkurs gebucht. Natürlich haben wir bei der Aufbereitung viele Erfahrungen auf den Infoseitenn wie z. B. durchgesehen. Ich wollte schon länger die Sprachkenntnisse verbessern. Im Moment haben wir die Lust diese Sprache in schöner Umgebung zu verbessern. Ich lass mich überraschen. Wir sind sehr gespannt auf den Sprachkurs. Wir werden danach einen Bericht schreiben.

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