Kérastase Discipline

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Hello everyone 🙂

This time we are gonna talk about hair. Not a topic for everyone, but I personaly looove everything that has to do with make up and yes, even hair. I have about 15 different shampoos, conditioners and masks in my bathroom that maybe mostly do the same but..I can’t help myself but trying out new things from time to time. So if I’ll ever be under house arrest for whatever reason (even if the only illegal thing I’ve ever done was to steal two bracelets unintentionally at Claire’s and I didn’t even realize it until I went to bed in the evening) I’ll be fine in the haircare department. I cut my hair some weeks ago and and now I wanna keep it healthy and shiny and unsplitted and all that good stuff. I was reading about a new line that Kérastase had brought out. The first thing that had attracted me about it had been the beautiful packaking (Yesss, it’s just the packaging but it’s pink and shiny!!). The shampoo (not on the picture below but here) claims to smooth hair with a lot of frizz and fly-aways (you know that hair that doesn’t obey to gravity and that wants to go in every possible direction) without weighing it down. The mask claims to soften, repear and nourish and the leave-in spray you use at the end should be your best friend if you use a lot of heat on your hair. According to the Kérastase website it protects it from the heat, leaves it shiny, bouncy and healthy. Yes, yes and yes! But we all know how it goes with the descriptions they release for all the products out there. The brands leave us believing that we will end up with hair like Gisele Bündchen (I mean..come on!!?) and then when it comes to real life you end up looking like this. So how did the products actually work? I use the shampoo every day and love the smell of it. But I don’t see a big difference from other shampoos. The real star of the show is the mask that I use about twice a week and leave it in for 30 minutes. When I rince it out my hair is reeeally soft and when I dry it afterwards it is soft and nourished and bouncy – just what it claims to do. When it comes to the leave-in spray I like it because of the smell again but I don’t find it to be much better than other good heat protectants that I already have. But if you haven’t one yet and if you are using heat on your hair on a regular basis then I’d give it a go. So to sum up: I like the shampoo and the spray without finding them spectacular but I love love love (okay, 3 love’s is enough for a hair mask!) the mask.

DSC06980DSC06989Photos by Patricia & Sabine Neuhaus


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